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Thinking about an Ibanez...but which one?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by weazelbeater, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. weazelbeater


    Sep 2, 2013
    Anyone familiar with Ibanez basses: I'd like an opinion. Do either on these stand out as being the 'better' model? It's hard to compare Ibanez basses sometimes because they have so many freakin' models and submodels.

    Either: Ibanez Ergodyne EDB555 with Duncan/Ibanez single coil pickups, wenge and bubinga neck, ash body

    Or: Ibanez SDGR SR500 with Bartolini MK1 pickups, Bartolini MK1 active 3-band EQ, mahogany body and Rosewood fretboard

    Both are beautiful looking natural wood grain style bodies. The EDB555 seems to have a better body, but the SR500 seems to have better electronics. I play mostly rock, metal, maybe a little funk. I play both 4 and 5 string, so that doesn't really influence my decision much. Any opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time! :cool:
  2. DanAdams

    DanAdams Supporting Member

    Nov 3, 2013
    ATK hands down is a great bass for the styles you listed.
    I think they stopped making it, but used ATK300s show up really cheap on ebay often. If you want to spend more the materials get nicer, but both the ATK 200 and 300 offer amazing bang for the buck.
    they are pretty heavy (ASH/maple) and similar to Stingrays.I used to play Music Man basses, but now I play Ibanez ATKs
  3. Most Ergodynes aren't that great, but the EDB555 is an exception. It's a fantastic bass, and the sound blows away that of the SR500. They're both light weight and very comfortable, but IMO the EDB555 wins out in sound.

    EDIT: To add on to what Dan said the ATKs are awesome too check them out!
  4. weazelbeater


    Sep 2, 2013
    I had never heard of that ATK series before. Interesting design, sort of like a Music Man bass and a Telecaster bass had a kid.

    About the EDB555, what should I do about the stock p'ups, good enough and leave 'em be or drop in something better? I thought maybe Bartolinis were better in general, but maybe it depends on the sound you look for.
  5. The EDB555 basically sounds like most other active Jazz basses. I like the stock pickups but there may be better ones out there.

    The older ATKs sound a lot like Stingrays, while the new ones can sort of get a ray tone, can sort of get a Jazz tone, and can sort of get a P tone thanks to the neck pickup.

    The Soundgears sound, well, unique. You may or may not like it.
  6. huckleberry1


    Jul 1, 2013
    Mesquite, Texas
    Go to GC's web site & look at the ATK 805E bass, I wrote the opinion. I can get any rock or funk. I have a Stingray Classic 5 & a Fender Jazz 5 Deluxe just to give you my perspective. Test drive a new ATK, it differs from the older models as it has a 3 way pup and a jazz style neck pup.
  7. weazelbeater


    Sep 2, 2013
    I have a SR300 DXF fretless and a regular SR300 FM, it's why I'm looking at the higher up Ibanez models...I like their style and feel. Plus, my wife likes the Ergodyne better, which is like a seal of approval to get the thing! :bassist:
  8. BassmanM


    Feb 17, 2011
    Hamburg, Germany
    The EDB555 is a 5-string whereas the SR500 is a 4-string....

    Regarding the music you will be playing, I would also highly recommend an ATK, preferably one which is made in Japan (mid to late 90s). However, it has a thicker (but very comfortable) neck and might be more on the heavy side, at least compared to the SR.
  9. IngerAlb


    May 11, 2007
    The main differences between ATK and the others (EDB/SR) are the neck dimensions (chunky by comparison), weight and electronics configuration.

    I play metal. I don't like the ATK - feels cumbersome compared to a SR or EDB.

    Now back on topic: EDB55X and SR50X are very different. The EDB has a warmer tone and blends better in the mix, while the SR has an in your face tone, aggressive and dare I say, growly (well more like grunting than actual growl). The SR stands out in the mix.
    All the EDBs I've owned, played and tested had a hiss when both pickups were not selected (confirmed by other owners btw), while dead silent when both were used. SR is dead silent no matter the settings while the EQ is far more versatile.

    I like 'em both. I've bought my first EDB550 as a backup bass for my main SR500 and ended up playing the EDB as main because it blended better with the band's sound. Then moved to 5 strings. I sold the EDBs and now I'm playing SRs exclusively. IMO no other Ibanez model beats a SR - there's a reason why this is their flagship line.

    If you want a SR with an ash body, then get a SR60X. It sounds warmer and bassier (with a wolly bottom) than a 50X though. But if you want an aggressive in your face tone, go for the 50X.
  10. I second on the ATK. Great basses with mucho growl. But, like anything, TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! What sounds good and feels good is strictly a personal opinion/fit.
  11. I had a few ibanez basses over the years. The atk was my favorite overall. The Btb 5 and 6 strings have what I consider a pretty good low B on a budget. The soundgears basses vary depending on model and there have been dozens of them. The 500 series are good for people looking for a decent inexpensive bass. The reason i don't have any ibanez basses anymore is because their high end basses are in the price range where they don't really compete IMO. When your talking over a grand for most people its time for a musicman, Korean made warwick (pro series or artist series), Spector, or something else.
  12. Warmuth


    Aug 6, 2012
    Give the premiums a serious look. Fwiw the guy I replaced in my current band played an ergodyne and everyone was blown away with the sound of mySR1400. I plugged straight into the same bass rig, the only variables were the player and the bass. I'm playing hard rock/metal and also play a pop covers in another band and it covers all territory very well. Specifically talking hard rock though no other bass I've used can cut the mix as well and with as much authority. I had a very nice Spector euro that couldn't come close as well as all the other SR models including a prestige.
  13. The newer ATKs are very light.

    The reason the pickups buzz when not full on is because they're single coils. So they won't buzz or hum anymore than any Jazz bass would.

    And to anyone commenting on the Ergodynes (not you IngerAlb), remember that the EDB550/EDB555 is a whole different animal to the rest of the Ergodynes. It has a light weight ash body instead of that odd, heavy, "luthite" material. And the sound is completely different.
  14. IngerAlb


    May 11, 2007
    That's correct, but I'm not talking about single coil hum, but really high volume hiss, almost like a buzz. Maybe they've managed to correct this in the current models, but a couple of years back that's how they sounded. In my case it was not an issue since I play with both pickups on (50/50) all the time, but others have complained about it - that's actually how I found out there was an issue, and not just normal hum. FWIW I've played a Fender Jazz for years, I know that hum very well ;)
  15. verycoolname


    Jan 28, 2013
    SR500 all the way! I have the SR600, which is essentially the same bass. The only difference is the body wood (SR500 has Mahogany; SR600 has Ash). I'm a subscriber to the "wood doesn't noticeably affect tone" theory, so you should be in great shape. It's a really comfortable, good sounding bass for the money.
  16. Interesting, one of the bass players at my church has an EDB555 and I've never heard that hiss before when he's played it. And he does adjust the volumes on the pickups from time to time. So it very well could have been fixed in later models. It's been discontinued for a while though.

    The EDB was a sort of predecessor to the new Groovelines.
  17. Fixed that for you.
  18. verycoolname


    Jan 28, 2013
    My bad! Thanks for the correction, I'll go edit it in my original post.
  19. the wako kid

    the wako kid

    May 11, 2011
    also,the BTB series is excellent,almost boutique quality. they can be had for a very good price used. its really one of the only ibanez basses I've liked,and they have a cool natural finish usually. I think they only come in 5 or 6 string though,but the B string is nice :)
  20. The_Janitor


    Jun 30, 2012
    Madison, Wi
    ATK! Even the low end ones are great!


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