Two Stories

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    One story is a dark story, and the other story is light,

    The light story is based on an old folk more. Have you ever thought these words to yourself? Or even just thought out-loud to show off: ("If I could go back in time and visit the me I was as a young man, what would I tell myself for advice?) I have, many people have and there's even a clever video game based on that concept; And It's not so much a story, unless you care to think of it that way, as much as it is an illustrative literary device for this purposes of this forum post...

    The dark story contains the image of a young man, late teens early 20's who already owns a bass guitar and an amplifier, and wants desperately to use an overdrive pedal so he can make hard rock, or possibly even hardcore, and maybe even some metal against the advice of his friends and family. He saved up his money and one day, gets a ride from his mother to guitar center and there, purchases an overdrive pedal. So excited he can barely even sit still during the car ride home, he rushes into his room where his bass set up is and gears everything up, pops a fresh 9 volt battery into his newly purchased item and plugs in. Then, he fiddles with it for over an hour and can't seem to come up with an overdrive tone that even remotley resembles the tones he loved on all the records he's purchased, no matter how many knobs he turns (or how many knobs the pedal he bought has.) In absolute dispair, he slams his bass onto the floor and starts cussing, then calls one of his buddies and the two smoke a cigarette and talk about how bummed he is for getting ripped off.

    That darker story doesn't have to be nearly as dark as it seems now, because of the lighter one mentioned previously, and because of the man I became on my 30th birthday (5 years ago.) If the young man in the darker story had been me, and light actually was more powerful than darkness (which, i believe, it is not,) I would have just told him: "Make sure the loudspeaker on your amp covers 3.5k Hertz."
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    I am twice confused.