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Van + Gear stolen in Detroit.

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by Stevenjm, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Stevenjm


    Nov 23, 2012
    Milwaukee, WI
    My band's van and gear got stolen from us in Detroit. Please be on a looking for the gear missing. Thanks!


    The three suspects are two African-American males around mid to late twenties, and one female around 18-20 years old. The two males were both darker skinned, wearing black jackets and hoods up. Both also had hats on, the shorter of the two (about 5'7" and a bit stockier) wore a dark tan beanie, and the other had a Rasta beanie (around 5'11" and skinnier.) The girl (about 5'5") also had a black jacket, with a hood up, and the girl and taller of the two males were wearing light brown colored contacts to hide their eye color.

    Their story was that the two males were guitarists and each was selling their own guitar. They acted cool and casual in the building, wandering around and talking with employees. The name they gave us on our door log was Christopher Miller.

    2003 Ford E-350. 2 rows of seats, and a wooden loft built into the back. Front bumper is a little dented in and kind of makes a Sad face. Wisconsin license plate 988-VAS. Stolen from the intersection of Michigan & Waubash in Detroit by Slows BBQ.


    -Gibson Les Paul Custom - White finish, repaired headstock. It had tape on the strap buttons, but easily removable. Blue-ish stains in the white finish. Gibson "custom" hardcase, with a sticker of a cartoon character on it.

    -Gibson Les Paul Junior - 2010, White satin finish buffed to a light shine, bad belt buckle rash, some light arm-wear. Epiphone hardcase, with "Paige Marshall" written inside the "E" of "Epiphone"

    -Fender '72 Telecaster Custom RI - very beat up, 3-tone sunburst, rail humbcuker in the bridge. Input jack cavity is empty and the jack has been moved to the pickguard. Lots of finish chipping, and cracking.

    -G&L SB-1 - 2-tone sunburst, black pickguard, forearm wear, other small wear spot near the strings. "Butt" strap button is broke & chipped.


    -Hiwatt "Lead 20" head w/ no labels on the back.

    -Fender DeVille 4x10, some corrosion on the chrome. Amp needed repair, it worked, but didn't sustain properly.

    -SWR Basic 350 (red face), the right side was bent in a little, and 1 of the 2 handles on the actual amp was broke/loose. Inside an SKB shallow plastic molded 3-unit rack case.

    -Fender "Rumble" 4x10 bass cab w/ light wear.

    -Avatar 2x12 cabinet (black tolex w/ wheat grill cloth) some wear... 1 celestion vintage 30 speaker, and 1 WGS speaker inside.


    -3x Boss TU-2 tuners
    -Boss "Super Overdrive"
    -Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
    -Boss- GE-7 equalizer
    -BBE - "Boosta Grande"


    -Mapex 'Saturn Pro' 24" bass drum, 18", 16", and 13" toms w/ hard cases. Flat black finish.
    -Yamaha gold sparkle snare drum with wooden hoops. Elvin Jones signature.