Volkwagen/Audi owners! 2.0L turbo..

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  1. Hey all

    Just about to buy a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta with a 2.0L turbo. I've heard some ups and downs about this particular engine. It takes premium fuel, has issues with the turbo, burns through oil, any they aren't too reliable.

    The car has 52000 miles and is covered for 24000 more with a warranty.

    Anybody here own a VW or Audi with the same engine and want to share their experiences with it or with Volkswagens in general?
  2. I have a 2008 Audi A3 with 55,000 miles on it. Had it since new. It does burn oil, a quart about every 2500 - 3000 miles, and it does require premium fuel, but I haven't had any trouble with it at all.

    I also had a VW GTI with the 2.0 turbo, I think it was a 2002, which I liked. Never any trouble with that one either.
  3. placedesjardins


    May 7, 2012
    I've had three VWs. The last one was garbage, a used 1995 Jetta III. Ever since they moved production of some models to Mexico, the quality has gone down. My sister had a Jetta V, brand new. That gave her problems.
  4. Ziltoid

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    Apr 10, 2009
    My mom has a 2011 VW Tiguan with the 2.0L turbo. It does not burn oil and she did not have problems with it so far. It's at 100'000KM right now, so about 62'000 miles.
  5. uOpt


    Jul 21, 2008
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    I'm in the VW is nonsense camp. I don't see their reliability as being horrible now but then almost all other car manufacturers have stepped up their game, too. I never figured out why Americans would buy VW. Germans buy VW because there is a repair shop at every corner like gas stations and because although they are about at the bottom of the reliability ranking they are cheap and easy to repair. Neither of that applies in the US.
  6. FunkHead

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    My 2001 has 120,000 miles on it and I have put less than $1000 into it since I got it for repairs. It doesn't owe me a cent. I will buy another VW as My next car. I love VW's.
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    My wife's 08 Audi Cabrio has the 2.0T and it doesn't burn a drop. It's got 55K on it now, we didn't buy it new - she's had it just over a year. Not a single issue, other than a oil pressure sensor went bad once. Easy fix.
  8. MegaSwing

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    Nov 26, 2002
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    I'm in love with VW's aesthetics, especially since the late 90s. As driving machines, they have always had a unique, well-integrated road feel. However, owning one seems like too much of an experiment: You either get a flawless one or one full of real problems. Repair and maintenance costs are entirely too high for the car it is. I love them from a safe distance.
  9. Well it's sitting in my drive way now. I like the drive feel on it, much better than a couple other cars I was looking into.

    It's certified pre-owned so I get 2/24 bumper to bumper warranty I may upgrade that to 5/60 even. I wouldn't have gotten it without the warranty. Hopefully the kinks have all been worked out in the 50000 miles it's got.. The premium gas thing sucks but the salesman told me I could put regular in it no problem.
  10. hover


    Oct 4, 2008
    Of course he did. He wants to to have to replace sensors, injectors and other goodies down the road.
    Part of the car ownership, especially with some finicky Euro-brands, is an adherence to the needs of the vehicle as it is engineered. Why take the chance?
  11. gearhead1972


    Feb 21, 2012
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    Our last VW was a 2000 Beetle, sold it last may for $1k with 200k miles on it. I beat the living hell out of that car for the last 80k miles we had it and it never even hiccuped . I now drive a 09 Rabbit, i bought new that has close to 50k miles. It is a great, quick car that handles real well, I haven't had one single problem yet (knocks on wood)
  12. Pacman

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    Apr 1, 2000
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    Do ***NOT*** put regular gas in it! You WILL screw that motor all to hell if you do. That's a promise.

    You'll also lose out on all the benefits of the cheaper gas anyway, as the computer system will run the car rich trying to make up the difference. Run the premium, and you'll be surprised at the mileage you get.

    Another thing to think about: That car has a 14.5 gal tank. That premium is only costing you 3 bucks a tank more. It's really not that expensive. Especially not compared to the repair work.
  13. Don't worry, I still plan on putting premium in it. I've done a little research and asked some other friends and they said the same thing. Mileage, wear and tear down the road, etc.

    I have no idea what the 2 owners before me put in the tank though..
  14. BioDriver

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    Aug 29, 2008
    I have an 08 Jetta and I'm never buying another VW. Another thing you need to consider is the cost of maintenance - you need to use full synthetic oil, the battery you need is huge (more expensive than my mom's Lexus's battery) and the parts are more expensive than Lexus or Infiniti parts. If I were you I'd look elsewhere.
  15. hover


    Oct 4, 2008
    A little late for that. It's sitting in his driveway.
  16. RaginRog

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    Nov 29, 2009
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    Just bought a new Jetta for me wife...with the 2.5...very nice acceleration and ride.
  17. MegaSwing

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    Nov 26, 2002
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    Bumper-to-bumper service plan: essential.

    I have a relative with a pair of Beamers. He says a brake job on his X5 is $3800. Without bumper-to-bumper coverage, there would be no way he'd own one.

    VW is a similar deal.
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    Reminds me of when I owned a Saturn, and was thinking of sending a letter to Roger Smith, suggesting that they should claim motor oil as an alternative fuel in order to get a tax credit. Then the engine disintegrated on my way home for lunch one day.
  19. parsons


    Feb 22, 2008
    Had a 2.0l turbo Passat. Total piece of ****. Return the car now if you still can.
  20. TechJunky


    Aug 31, 2009
    Columbus, OH
    I've got a 2011 VW GTI. Absolutely love it! Really the only thing I'm not thrilled with is the low profile tires. I love the look of the wheels, but lo-pros suck when it comes to hitting pot holes. Two weeks after I bought the car, with only 500 miles on the clock, slammed into a huge pot hole right in front of work that was covered in snow. Blew holes in both tires. But that's not really an issue with the car/VW per se, just an issue with the type of vehicle and wheels it has. Beyond that, I've been nothing but in love with the car. Handles well, rides great, has all the features I want, tons of space (managed to get a big recliner in the back once, a chest freezer another time. I also got all of my music gear when moving which consisted of 3 amps, 3 basses, 2 electric guitars, 1 acoustic, a huge pedal board, a few stands, and two laptops!)