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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Lee Edward, Oct 2, 2022.

  1. Lee Edward

    Lee Edward

    Jan 28, 2021
    I have been exploring compressors and some people have referred to the as an 'always on', just got me wondering what else people have as an 'always on' when it comes to their boards?
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  2. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    Westchester, NY
    You’ll likely get a lot of responses for overdrive.

    When running a J bass I always have my Fairfield Barbershop on.
  3. Mighty Thumb

    Mighty Thumb Supporting Member

    HPF, Harmonic Booster and compressor are always on. The EQ on my bass and amp or amp sim is always on too.
  4. JBoogy

    JBoogy Supporting Member

    Aug 25, 2015
    Montgomery, AL
    My always on signal includes Broughton Buffer and Bandwidth Optimizer, Empress bass comp, Pork Loin with JohnK and 18v mod, and Broughton hpf+lpf. I have a small board that is basic at just that, and then all those same pedals on the large board.
  5. Zbysek


    Mar 23, 2017
    Czech Republic
    On this pedalboard, EBS MultiComp, Broughton HPF-DI, Sushi Space Heater and Broughton RFE are always on. EBS OctaBass, TC Spark, and EHX Big Muff are being switched on and off.

    Generally compression, EQ (incl. HPF and/or LPF) and mild dirt are always on for me.

  6. crapusername


    Sep 26, 2005
    North Kent.UK
    endorsing artist: Dean guitars, Marshall , Rotosound strings
    It depends on the situation for me.
    For one band the always on are an mxr m87 comp, joyo orange juice and mooer bass eq
    Another would be the ehx bsf, and mooer eq
    Another board has the bsf.
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  7. lark_z

    lark_z Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 26, 2020
    Overland Park, KS
    Joyo American for just a touch of 'character' and some tone shaping
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  8. AaronVonRock


    Feb 22, 2013
    DOD 250. Gives some boost and flavor crystals.
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  9. The power is always on on my board…
    Except when theres a power outage :crying:
  10. skyline_01

    skyline_01 Endorsing artist: Nordstrand Audio, Tsunami Cables Supporting Member

    Nov 14, 2006
    Lebanon, OH
    Broughton HPF/LPF
    Providence Bass Boot compressor
    Sushi Box Finally tube DI

    For me, they're the secret weapon to getting good tone live (with or without cab) or when recording.
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  11. Katoosie

    Katoosie Bleep-bloopin' thru existence.

    Jun 12, 2020

    Compressor and preamp. The rest to taste.
  12. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    Nothing is always on, but the barbershop is usually on.
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  13. lomo

    lomo passionate hack Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2006
    Comp and hpf always on…..sushibox tube warmer usually on……..other assorted flavours when called for.
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  14. Very nice! Is there a thing called 'Cybergoth'? There should be.

    My GM-400 is always on (unless a power switch fails, like it did in a pub last week, despite working three times earlier in the same pub!). I set it up for the best emulation of a Hiwatt amp it can give me, then leave it at that. Small tweaks to adapt to changes in strings or external stuff, but the chain of processes remains unchanged. Except for a cab sim used during headphone practise, and a delay when I want to play the Doctor Who theme bassline with a JJ Burnel like sound. Anyone who's never done this is missing out on one of life's great experiences. :)
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  15. Killing Floor

    Killing Floor Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2020
    Austin, TX
  16. skyline_01

    skyline_01 Endorsing artist: Nordstrand Audio, Tsunami Cables Supporting Member

    Nov 14, 2006
    Lebanon, OH
    We have similar tastes (see post #10):D
  17. Always on:
    Markbass Compressore
    Broughton HPF/LPF
    Eden WT400
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  18. Lenny JG

    Lenny JG

    Aug 3, 2019
    I have a noise gate, 2 eqs, 2 compressors, and 2 distortion pedals always on. Occasionally I'll turn off my first distortion to use my 2nd as a clean pre.
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  19. In my case, compresssor is the only pedal ON 100% of the time, followed by the VT Bass, which I shut off for 2 songs out of 25.

    Gets spotty after that:
    MS60B only used for a few songs (chorus, reverb)
    GEB-7 is used to cut annoying frequencies when they pop up
    LS-2 is used for clean boost for certain song parts.

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  20. My comp is my only always on effect.

    But I could see if I played in a different kind of band I might also have my OD always on - or I might just adjust the gain on my amp? Would be a process of exploration for me to figure it out.
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