amp help; phil jones super flightcase or acoustic image contra

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  1. hi all,

    i recently bought my first upright, its an eastman 95 with david gave realist. for gigging ive been using my swr goliath cab and swr 350x head, and honestly im just not happy with my upright tone. ive tried my bass through my schools acoustic image amp and it sounds alot better. but i dont like the sound of my electric through it (a fender miller 5). and it would really convenient to have an amp i could use for smaller elctric gigs (mainly funk and jazz). i did some research on stuff available in my area (Hamilton, on) and found that club bass carries phil jones. i saw the super flightcase and it looked like just what i needed. im going on thursday hopefully to try one, so before i go, i was just wondering what experience good or bad that any of you have had with either amps.

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    neal davis

    Dec 29, 2006
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    have a double bass amp and a bass guitar amp you won't regret it, when ever I bring one amp for both basses one always sounds better that the other, try getting a acoustic image head and a small cab like an EA then just bring what ever head you want for the small gig and use it with the smaller cab.
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    Sep 30, 2007
    After much experimentation, I am currently using -- and very happy with -- an Acme Low B2 and a Markbass LMII. It's a fairly light setup and good for both upright (I use a Realist) and electric (Pbass). A HUGE difference for upright was made when I bought a $50 preamp from fdeck. I've played GK MBs, Phil Jones, Acoustic Images and others, but this setup I've got now is really great all around. I wish the cabinet was a bit lighter, but you've got to move some air. Hope that helps you.
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    When I read this I just have to smile.:)

    The Little Mark II has a 500 K Ohm input impedance. The HPF Pre Amp fixes the problem and has the ability to fix other things you may come across. Mine stays in the gig bag with my amp. It's like a swiss army knife for all occasions. The Low B2 is a great cabinet as long as you have the headroom to drive it. The Little Mark should be a great match.

  5. I'm pretty happy with my AI head (series 2) and M-line for double bass and my new super cheapo Epiphone short scale slab bass. Maybe it is the downfiring cab of the contra that isn't doing it for you - perhaps not the best way to get a punchy funky tone.

    Other folks round here have used one or two 10" wizzys for slab bass - see Bob Gollihur's post in the 10" wizzy mega post
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    There are posts in this forum re: the Flightcase, but not the Super. I'm making a gross generalization here, but the Contra and the Flightcase seem to be similar in that they generate what most consider to be a very "pure" tone for DB, but both have limitations volume wise. If you accept that, than the Super Flightcase with it's extra 2 drivers would probably sound bigger than a Contra and thus be more versatile.

    Like I said, nobody has posted in this forum re: the Super AFAIK, so please post your impressions if you audition one.

    Six drivers w/ two facing up. 33 lbs. Interesting ...
  7. that was more or less my line of thinking. i figured if people praised the flightcase for its tone, then the super flightcase would be similar, just more powerful. i am still not sure how it will stand up against the AI, but like i said im going this week. if i end up bringing it home, i will write a review after trying out at a couple gigs this weekend.
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    My local music store (More Music, Santa Cruz, CA) let me borrow it this weekend...It sounded amazing tonight with a piano and tenor sax, and vocalist. I was using the Radial PZ-PRE as a preamp. This amp sounds much smoother and fatter with the Radial preamp in front of the amp (set flat) for the upright. It was a loud crowd and still my bass (1939 Kay five string upright with high C) sounded so warm and natural; in the last set I turned up the High Mid and Treble to get more zing just for kicks and it was there. I didn't miss a tweeter at all, and ended turning it closed to flat again. If anything I added a little High Bass and it fattened the low-midbass up just enough to sit perfectly smooth and warm in the mix.
    I fussed with it all day in the studio and it also sounded great with slab bass! (Fender American Deluxe Precision 5, Ibanez six-string John East preamp). I really wish I didn't like this amp so much; the last thing I need is another $1300 purchase..
    I heard it side by side with the Flightcase and there was no comparison...I turned the other one off within five seconds...The Super was at least twice as loud with the same gain settings, and WAY fatter sounding. I need an amp that can put it out there with the electric too.
    THis thing is so fat and clean and articulate...Very nearly the BEST sound I've ever heard for slab AND double bass (though that was through the PZ-PRE).
    My Walter Woods Stereo High Power bridged into the Accugroove TRI-112L has way more bottom, and is still very clean and articulate, but it can be hard to control on the real small gigs, and this combo weighs only 33lbs???? I absolutely LOVE the sound to weight ratio; the BEST thing I've EVER heard considering that. Sorry for the caps, I'm pretty excited about it.:bassist:
  9. I bought a SuperFlight Case 300 about 6 weeks ago and am very happy with it. I had the smaller FlightCase 150 but it just did not have the headroom. The Super FlightCase does a great job of not electonically coloring your sound. It sounds very pure to my ears. It certainly has enough head room for most jazz gigs. I don't know about Big Band stuff but certainly typical trio up to septet or octet work. It is very light; 33 lbs. The two 5" speakers that point up provide you with plenty of tonal information regarding sound & pitch. I could go on and on... suffice to say I think it is a great amp! I also have a Walter Woods that I still use on occasion with a EA or is it AE (whatever) speaker cab with two 8" speakers and a horn. This is also nice and maybe louder but not as pure and uncolored. Hope this helps.

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    May 29, 2005
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    Trey, that's a real, real strong endorsement for sure. Many people in this forum think a Walter Woods plus an EA VL208 is the primo rig for DB. I was really impressed too w/ the credentials listed in your profile. So thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Kauai is beautiful from what I remember. And that's an understatement.
  11. Steve,

    I'm just stating (IMHO).. I'm sure not everyone will agree, but I'm sure happy with the Super Flight Case and would recommend it. I have no financial ties to the Phil Woods Company whatsoever and paid full price.

    Also, mahalo (Thanks) for the kind words and yes... Kauai is wonderful.. and for me a wonderful change in lifestyle from L.A. There are quite a few musicians who have either retired or semi-retired out here.

    Got to say this one last thing regarding the TB forum. About the only thing I missed was having such easy access to great teachers, luthiers, music stores ect. Finding this forum has been a blessing for me. There are so many talented bassists, luthiers and music store owners who are quite willing to generously share what they know. If I can contribute, I'm happy to do so.

    Aloha nui loa


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    Trey, hey, sorry if that came out wrong. I'm saying since you have firsthand experience w/ the Woods + EA rig, and given the experience listed in your profile, this Super Flightcase must be very worthy of people checking it out like you said. I wasn't trying to contradict or question your opinion at all. To the contrary, it means I really want to check out the Phil Jones gear now even more than before. The Bob Babbitt testimonial on their web site is pretty compelling too.

    I'm sure you have a lot to contribute to TB, more than me. Welcome. Like - How does the Super sound with EB?

    Off topic - I have a friend who's from Hawaii. Whenever he goes back to visit, he doesn't take any suitcases. Instead his whole family travels w/ coolers, so they can stuff them w/ food and bring it all back. :)

    Hanalei (Puff the magic dragon, yes?). Na Pali. And jazz. Paradise on earth. :cool:
  13. Steve,

    I thought what you said in your last post was right on. I didn't see a problem. I just wanted to make sure that anyone who was reading my review of the FlightCase 300, understood that it was just my opinion. What one person thinks is great another may not care for so I was just trying to not come off like a big ........(fill in the blank)

    You know, opinions are like Okoles, we all have one and they don't always smell so good. I want to strive for an open and respectful tone whenever I post. Hey, it's kind of like listening!

    Regarding contributions to this forum, I'm in awe of the amazing amount of insightful, well written information covering all things DB. Wow....

    Finally.. Yes Hanalei, the Makana Range (Puff); There is some magic here to be sure!