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    The stories I've heard on Black Metal are literally and figuratively quite "brutal," so I assumed the sound would be as well. Archgoat is the closest thing to it. I don't enjoy Archgoat, but it made a good impression on me.

    I was impressed by Colossus, so I bought a copy of Quintessence at my local record shop. It is amazing how many genres they blended with Black Metal.
  2. +1 to all of the vortex comments. he is very tasteful with his note choice IMO. saw him live with dimmu a couple of years back, he has great right hand technique. actually similar to the technique used by billy sheehan (among others) where the index, middle, and ring fingers play fast 32 notes.
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    Oh yes, with all the church arson and suicide and murder with Mayhem's history especially? I think some of that old school black metal is pretty brutal, in a different, more raw, primal way than death metal is.

    But everyone's ears are different, obviously. Now, the most brutal black metal band I've ever heard is Anaal Nathrakh, but they're not known so much for their bass work.

    Yeah, at times they're folky, other times proggy, but always Borknagar, lol.
  4. Secthdamon from Zyklon/Emperor's reunited tour.
  5. Yes! A black metal bassists thread...I live and breathe this stuff. Siedemann, Grutle Kjellson, B War, Erik Danielsson, Infernus, hell, even Devo who took up bass with Marduk are some of my biggest influences and some of my greatest heroes. Not to mention Necrobutcher (I finally saw Mayhem last spring!!) and Varg.

    We've got some killer local black metal groups in the NW--Inquinok, Ceremonical Castings, In Memorium, Panzergod, etc.

    Anyone here listen to the mighty Watain?
  6. Watain is very good. Have you listened to Blasphemy? Easily one of my favorites in the genre.
  7. Yes they are. And they should be coming back soon. I hope. They blow me away.

    No I haven't ever listened to Blasphemy, but I'll give them a listen. Thanks, man.
  8. Can't say I'm fond of a lot of black metal although some bands do amaze me. I just find the whole black metal scene a bit of a joke...what with the over-the-top "corpse paint", obsession with all that is cold, grim and evil and the general quality of the music. Others will argue its more about the culture rather than the music me it doesn't sound very appealing. I remember when I first saw Immortal's video for "Call of the Winter moon" and laughed thinking it was taking the piss out of metal in general...I then found out they were dead serious. I lost hope in metal that day.

    As for black metal bassists, here in Melbourne, Australia there's a progressive black metal band called Ne Obliviscaris. Fantastic band with some of the most amazing musicians I've had the pleasure of listening to and seeing live. Their bass player essentially steals the show for me as well as the violinist. Check them out and see if you dig them.

    Also, while not black metal per-se, Canadian prog death/black metal band Augury have an AMAZING bassist by the name "Forest". Again, he steals the show in just about every song. Kind of makes me want to give up music knowing I'll probably never be as awesome as him :p
  9. I know how you feel, man. But the beauty of it is that black metal can mean to you what you want it to. Oftentimes sitting in a room full of metalheads, I ask myself why I identify with those around me at all--there are as many different meanings to it as there are people in the world. It can be corny and overdone, it can even be false, but there is something in black metal that is a vital part of me. I don't know how to describe it. If it needs describing, you don't get it, you know? It's perversion and chaos, I guess.

    A film that really struck home with me was a documentary called "Until The Light Takes Us". It shows the real people behind the music, behind the images, and behind the rumors. It gives every note a whole new meaning to have seen what they go through on a daily basis.
  10. That's a fair enough point. Truth is I don't get the whole black metal scene and thus I don't have that connection you have with it. The general consensus I get from black metal is that its a whole lot of guys who take themselves and their beliefs to the extreme. Mayhem comes to mind. I'm sure that's nothing more than a generalisation and probably a half-truth but when I listen and watch some of these people in interviews or on their records I can't help but think "That can't be he REALLY that passionate about this?".
    Its all context in the end...but this isn't to say I don't like some black metal bands. As I said, I actually like a few bands under the black metal banner such as Enslaved, Emperor, Burzum and SOME Immortal. I'll admit, I took a personal liking to most of them because of their detachment from the whole overuse of Satanic themes (not that I'm religious...I just don't think religion and music should mix) but moreso because they're musically more interesting and intricate than their more extreme brethren.
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    Many black metal bands are pure cheese, but some aren't. Emperor, for example, especially on their last two records, have very good songwriting and interesting lyrical themes, having dismissed with the hokey satanism of early stuff. Primordial would be a good band to check out, too, same with Anaal Nathrakh. Mayhem's latest album is actually quite good, they've grown up quite a bit. Ulver's first album is also amazing. You might also like Arcturus and Limbonic Art. Maybe Ludicra as well.

    Also, Immortal are not dead serious. Having seen them live, I can say that Abbath knows quite well how cheesy he is.

    I'll check those bands out, though.
  12. Yeah. Until The Light Takes Us really shows how some of the major players in black metal really think and act. It's all in their words and actions, not blown out of proportion by anyone else's interpretation. It's all up to you. They focus mostly on Fenriz, Frost, and Varg and it's fascinating taking a step into their world. It changed my life.

    I don't think that's a poor generalization at all. It is taking everything to an extreme. It's all about extremes. It's tricky to see why, but that's what Until The Light Takes Us really opened up to me. The thing is, black metal really isn't for everyone and if the passion that drives one person isn't the same as what drives you, then that's good, I think. No one's saying that you should like it.

    Enslaved is a great example of that. They have definitely removed themselves from the Satanic aspects of black metal, but it's still spiritual for them and their music is undergoing constant change. Now Enslaved--there's an exciting band. Blodhemn is one of my very favorite albums. ;)
  13. There are a lot of bands who really live in the world they sing about (Dissection comes to mind). And there are a lot of people who really don't understand the fury that drives that art, but still make cool music. Most people fall into the second category.

    Immortal...they're great. I think they come from a similar place as the guys from Darkthrone, but they tend to project a lighter side of themselves as "Immortal".
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    Yeah, I love Dissection's music, but wow, taking themselves a bit seriously with the whole "Anti-Cosmic Metal of Death" thing.

    Immortal I think of as very creative, even if they are cheesy, as they write about this whole fictional winter kingdom in lots of their stuff.

    As for fury, I can't think of anyone more furious than Anaal Nathrakh. They eschew corpse paint and similar aesthetics though.

    I think to some degree, what you say is part of why the best American black metal bands are very different from their Scandinavian counterparts. The best black metal is at the very least music that its creators are very passionate about. Enslaved is a good example. But what people are passionate about and their perceptions on life are shaped by their environment in part.
  15. Meh, Dissection have such firm beliefs and it really inspired incredible music.

    Oh yeah. Immortal is just godly. Once they found their niche in the frozen halls of Blashyrkh, they really took off. But what a difference between their last three albums and everything before that. Totally different material, but the same chilly, blasting rock. I've been enjoying Blizzard Beasts a lot lately. It's so different from everything else they've done.

    That's why Scandinavian metal is so distinctive. That black metal movie I keep really implies a lot to that extent. It wouldn't happen anywhere but Norway. Not only the history or the climate or the isolation, but the people and the culture. I lived in Germany for a while and I've ventured into Scandinavia and the feeling from that area is really distinctive. It's played a huge part in shaping metal. There's some kind of inspiration at every turn.

    Edit: speaking of Enslaved, I noticed that you're getting a Ric 4001. This due, perhaps in part, to Grutle rocking one? Just curious...I want a Ric like nobody's business. And that's definitely a big reason. :D
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    I've always wanted one, but I think he gets a great sound from it on Below the Lights especially. I was a bit disappointed that when I saw them in Oakland a couple years back he hadn't brought his Rics with him. They still rocked the house down though.

    I started getting into Rics pretty soon after I was playing metal, because they sound so good for the genre.
  17. Anyone here dig Mirrorthrone? Another black metal band I'm really enjoying. Amazing for a complete solo project. Haven't really payed much attention to his bass work, though. I tend to lose myself in the layers of symphonies and harmonies. So good.
  18. My friend is a Mirrorthrone fanatic. If you follow the link in my sig and go to the interview section, there's a good interview with Vlad.
  19. Black Metal is a state of mind!! But after the mid 90`s the make up and leather dresses just got very Gay. So Dimmu Borgir is number 1 Gayband in Norway, wilst Darkthrond is on the other side..

    Bassplayer(Tore?) of Ulver kicks ass, playing often octaves.
    Check out Memnock of Susperia, he blow my mind (ear) when I saw them for many years ago..
    Or check out the song "Black Metal Robot Club" at
  20. Hear, hear.
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