Creeping Death - Metallica

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  1. Jamey Pittman

    Jamey Pittman

    Jan 14, 2016
    Contains both standard notation and TAB (see attached PDF). This may be my favorite Burton-era Metallica song to play along with. To me, there's something extremely satisfying about cranking the amp, fuzz box, and stereo to eleven and ripping through Creeping Death as my ears bleed. It never fails to get my blood pumping and put me in a great mood. It's better (and cheaper) than therapy!

    The isolated bass track for Creeping Death is a fantastic example of Cliff's tendency to throw in many subtle, rhythmic variations throughout a performance (undoubtedly to keep himself entertained). I took great care to capture each of these in the transcription, and it's cool to throw some of these in while playing in order to really capture that Cliff Burton vibe.

    All transcriptions are made with MuseScore 2.0, an excellent (and free) music composition program. Anyone interested in the MuseScore file for this song can send me a PM.

    Here's a link to Cliff's isolated bass track for reference:

    Here's the list of other transcriptions I've submitted to the forum:
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