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Do you have the one that could be, your ONLY one?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by pbass2, May 3, 2021 at 9:12 PM.

  1. Skullheadrac

    Skullheadrac Supporting Member

    Jun 13, 2018
    So Cal
    If i had to choose only one, it would be my first main bass... 2008 American Standard Jazz.
    My others are 70s American Original Jazz, 60th Anniversary Jazz, 1997 American Standard Jazz and 1985 G&L L2K.

    the 08 Jazz is a nice middle ground between all of them for what i like. It's been my go to for recording also.
  2. NOVAX


    Feb 7, 2009
    I have a few only ones.
    One more last time.
  3. 6stringfretless


    May 10, 2017
    image.jpg View attachment 4257642

    Astonished no one mentioned Modulus! This semi hollow with F-hole, 6 string fretless with lines, carbon fiber set it and forget it neck combined with a Chechen wood fingerboard is Thor´s hammer sonically
    Last edited: May 4, 2021 at 3:43 PM
  4. Datsgor

    Datsgor Supporting Member

    Jul 29, 2000
    East Bay, N. Ca.
    Yep, if it came down to it, it would be my Fender JB62M.

    Fender 2010 JB62M .JPG
  5. Steve-Mo

    Steve-Mo Supporting Member

    Oct 25, 2010
    Western NY
    Yeah, my Ibanez EHB 6-string could easily be only one. Unless they have an EHB 7 out sometime. PXL_20210308_193949570.jpg
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  6. MrLenny1


    Jan 17, 2009
    New England
    Maybe, as long as I don't go trying more
    Sadowsky's and MTD's and Fodera's.
  7. Herrick


    Jul 21, 2010
    Munchkin Land
    In the words of Mike Tyson: "We'll see. I doubt it, seriously".
  8. ProbablyTooLoud


    Aug 1, 2020
    I love my 4003fl but my 4003 fretted could well be the one.
  9. Hounddog409


    Oct 27, 2015
    Any of my basses could be.
    I have nobbie things on my amp to get any of them to sound the same, or like I want at the time, so thats not an issue.
  10. Hop Jam

    Hop Jam

    Feb 16, 2013
    Birmingham, AL
    Great looking bass, though when I looked at it I experienced a weird craving for cinnamon toast.
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  11. Joebone

    Joebone Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2005
    California Republic
    I am lucky to have three - all five-string - that could be a one and only. For several years, my main player was the Carl Pedigo build showing in my avatar. Light ash body, rosewood board, birdseye maple neck, 34" 5-string with Lakland ergonomics, Duncan NYC soapbars and the John East 3-way pre with variable mids. I was looking for a deep, rich native timbre, and this delivers. But I've returned to Sadowsky based on love for the preamp, particularly in the Will Lee mode, and am enjoying a WL5 morado/alder Metro that features more punch, offers a range of gorgeous tones, and just plain feels good. My other contender is an ash/ebony Xotic XB-2; folks seem to enjoy the sound, but the body shape is not my ergonomic favorite. If I had to grab only one on my way out of a burning building, it would be the Sadowsky...but only by a nose.
  12. lordradish

    lordradish Supporting Member

    Jul 20, 2006
    If my Wal 5 string was the only bass I could ever own, I'd still die a happy man.
  13. Digging my Wal fretless atm. They really grab every nuance. But really, it’s the gig that picks the rig for me. Plus I toured with just my 75 Precision for years, no dramas.
  14. yogibarrister


    Dec 29, 2017
    1. I don't play favorites.
    2. Everyone knows I can't just have one.
  15. joel406


    Dec 27, 2013
    I have 3 Jazz Basses and 2 Precision Basses. All are 5 strings. 2 Are American Pros. 3 are American Pro IIs. My American Pro II Jazz V could easily handle everything. And to think it's a 2021.
  16. Yes, I do.

    G&L LB100
    Classic Stingray 4H
    Höfner 500/1

    It could be any of these, and I’d be happy. In fact the Höfner was my only bass for a few years—back in my early days in music.
  17. noahw1


    Jul 22, 2005
    Los Angeles, CA
    My Valenti P/J with a Sadowsky pre could easily by my one and only, if needed.
  18. Nightman

    Nightman If it ain't low, it's got to go! Supporting Member

    Jun 3, 2013
    Atlanta, GA
    Yep, eleven and expecting number twelve in a few weeks to also be my only one!
  19. mcrawfordmusic


    Dec 11, 2010
    I own much 'nicer' and vintage basses, but this 2019 MIM Fender P and Fender Rumble 500 would be enough gear to see me through any gig.

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  20. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Yamaha, Ampeg, Line 6, EMG
    I can't do it. I can go without buying any more, but while my Hammersmith PJ with Geezers and double stop Hipshot would be my choice (7 3/8 lbs of solid ass P goodness), I gotta have a little variety, too.

    But here's a gratuitous pic of the Hammy just because that's what you do in these threads :D

    Hammersmith Fender bridge 1.JPG
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    May 9, 2021

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