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  1. NEW cars, new drivers, what will happen?

    I do like the sound of the new cars, and this seasonshould be very competitive. Qualifying was exciting can'wait for the race!
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    Those things look like a real handful to drive so far, which I think is great. I also like the mileage/ERS paradigm, which gives real incentive to develop the "green" technology aspect. Lots of stuff is gonna blow up, is my guess.

    Dish started including NBC Sports in my programming when they bumped pricing the last time, so now I can watch both F1 and IndyCar again.
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    I don't like the sound of the new cars at all. It's horrible in my opinion. That said..

    Petronas Mercedes' are looking pretty good, well after the first lap of the first practice at least.

    My pics for Australia:
    1. Hamilton
    2. Rosberg
    3. Alonzo

    Race starts in 45 minutes!
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    Ah, all kinds a of stuff going on in that race. Ricciardo now DSQ'ed for improper adherence to fuel management protocol. I'm sure Red Bull has good lawyers though...;)
  5. I usually just wait for the video game to come out.
  6. Lot's of surprises this season will be a fresh start, great showing for Mercedes and really good for McLaren, good to see them back on the podium. Magnusson what an auspicious beginning.
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    The new cars sound terrible. Some actually look worse than they sound which is not easy.

    Magnussen and Bottas have the drives of the race IMHO. Love seeing the tails hanging out and the rubber being put down. Alonso still seems to be carrying the team on his back. Super-pleased to see Nico's win.

    Nice to not have tire's as the main issue. I hope that trend continues.
  8. Race2 Hamilton, Rosberg & Vettel
    So sad to see Riccardo still having bad luck.
    Cars have more grunt and as much bad press as they are getting it's beginning to grow on me.
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    I like the sound of the new engines. I really do. I can't quite pin it down but it reminds me of the early big-bore engines of earlier days.

    Ricciardo really is having bad luck. I'm a convert to him - I didn't think he was all that great but I'm being proved wrong with each race. He's competitive, quick and not afraid of going wheel-to-wheel with high-profile drivers. If he wins the appeal, that's good news but I'll feel sorry for Magnusson who is another promising young driver with a real future ahead of him.

    I'm a Williams fan so I'm glad to see an improvement in their car this year. I haven't been convinced by Massa since he had his accident - that's not to say he isn't a very good driver but I haven't had the impression that he's a genuine race-winner since then. It pains me to say that after his comeback over the last few years. Bottas is a real talent though and I will back him as a future champion if he gets a fast enough car.

    Red Bull have recovered pretty well from a poor off-season, Mercedes are finally coming good.

    I really don't think much of Marussia, though. I know they're a 'junior' team but I just can't get behind them like I used to with Minardi and their ilk. I've always had issues with Chilton's position as a driver but I'm sure it's a personal bias rather than anything tangible. Well that and nepotism.

    Double points is pathetic but I'm a fan of most of the other new rule changes. The cars are more exciting to watch, especially in the wet.
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    What's up with these "penalty points"?
    As if Ricciardo was not punished enough during the race, he gets a grid penalty but at least no mysterious "penalty points" which seem to be handed out for, in my opinion, racing incidents like Magnussen's.
    Can F1 turn into more a joke?
    Let them race.

    As far as Williams "team order" crap goes...the issue seems to be more of a serious breakdown in communication within the team. If, as they say, the plan was to let Bottas take a stab (with his fresher tires) at Button and if he was unsuccessful he would allow Massa back around, it sure sounds like Massa was not informed.
    Massa ruined that plan with his refusal but that's a team problem and hard to blame Massa if he did not know the plan...in my opinion.
  11. Will be a beautiful race under the lights, with the Silver Arrows on the front row.
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    Over the years I have a hard time keeping track of all the tech changes, although I am glad they got rid of traction control. Miss the scream of the V10's and 12's.
  13. BassIsBoss


    Jun 25, 2007
    Nova Scotia
    That was a seriously fun race. Hamilton and Rosberg going at each other was great. Good drives for Perez and Ricciardo. Any one know why they changed the time of the race?
  14. Bahrain was a fine race especially for Mercedes and Perez getting Force India on the podium. That crash was pretty scary - happy to see Maldonado was not injured.

    There has been some discussion of the new noses being too low and might lead to incidents exactly like what happened to Maldonado.

    Ricciardo finally finishes a race and does it higher than Vettel who continues to have a challenging season.

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    Hulkenberg did a fantastic job to help Perez. He is the complete package as an F1 driver & team player. It was amazing how long he held that Red Bull off to make sure Perez built a gap. Very nice work by Force India.
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    Are you talking about the Maldonado/Gutierrez incident? That was tyre to tyre contact. Nothing to do with the nose height.
  18. Interesting season so far and a great season if you are a fan of the Silver Arrows. Will it be Rosberg or Hamilton at the end of the season. So interesting to see Vettel and Red Bull struggling this season. Then there is the sheer fortitude of Alonso.
  19. Passinwind

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    Massa getting pole today was really great to see. I'd love to see the Williams team get the result they've been hinting at all season.