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First Gigs

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by ahhelpme, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. ahhelpme


    Aug 26, 2004
    My first gig was with my first band Lynched, we played at a small party, and the whole set was covers. But we had difficulties with amps, and soundchecks and stuff that screwed some of our songs up. Anyone here had a first gig with nothing gone wrong? :bassist:
  2. MarztekMilita


    Feb 10, 2005
    i honestly bont think thats leagly possible
  3. BassmanA440


    Feb 3, 2005
    Heck, I doubt you can have a second, third or 50th gig without something going wrong. What makes it professional is the ability to cover up the fact that something has went wrong, or maybe even incorporate it into the performance. Like a solo where you hit a lick that doesn't fit, but you play it again like you meant to do it the first time. Well, thats easy for me because my solos always sound like the wrong licks anyway :bassist:
  4. Zombass


    Feb 8, 2005
    my first gig went relatively well apart from the fact i happened to have borrowed my brother 300w ashdown stack amp and everyone else was using 30w practise amps :D
  5. I had to learn 18songs in 3 weeksfor our first gig.aaaaaaah!!! as good as a song a day. got through it relatively unscathed, but i forgot whole sections of songs,etc. we all have to start somewhere!
  6. Our first gig was awful. We were playing for a friend of our guitarist. She was having a birthday party and rented out the local municipal building. We got there at the scheduled time and found that the doors were locked, and had to wait around for about an hour before she finally got there. Then I think we had to wait another hour for her to get the key to open the building. It wasn't her fault; the building manager had forgotten to give it to her, or was unavailable (or something like that). By this time, our guitarist/singer was pretty pissed. The drummer and I were just anxious.

    I remember I wore these ridiculous plaid bondage pants in an attempt to look punk. I probably looked ridiculous, but got compliments on them, I guess.

    We ended up starting about a half hour late. By this time our guitarist was all mad. My mic didn't work and he just said "well, don't use it", not even attempting to make it work through the PA. Then, disaster happened...about five songs in, his Crate amp died, and his dad had to go home and get his back-up (which was a Marshall...should've used that one to start).

    We managed to finish the show half-way decently at least. Fortunately, our guitarist has mellowed out a bit after the last three years or so...but I can remember during that first gig thinking "well, this band was nice while it lasted." It's just important to keep your cool and remember that bad stuff happens to everyone, and you just have to work through it. Having a back up plan is important, too.
  7. Perfect-Tommy


    Mar 28, 2004
    Well... the worst thing you can hear through your monitors... two words...

    that's right...

    College Radio.

    I was setting up the PA when I heard it coming out of the speakers. So I swapped out chords from the giant pile o'chords, trying to find the ones that had the worst reception... I get all the mics and PA speakers all setup with no interference. I run the monitor line to the second amp and turn it on... only to hear a softball game...

    So I finally went through all the chords and couldn't find just one last one that didn't pick up the radio station. So, the whole gig we were hearing old timey music and college sports through the monitors. It was pretty funny, kind of Spinal Tap-esque. We actually gave the sports score to the audience a few times.
  8. Water


    Feb 16, 2005
    Meh. I dont really know if you can consider it a gig, but for a school talent show, our first show thing, we were practicing and about a half hour before we were going to go onstage the guitarist broke his high E string. We asked all of the other bands if they had an extra string. None of them did so we quick drove to a Walmart nearby. They had packs of six strings for 6 dollars and we had FIVE dollars. We went to another store and bought the new E string, and made it in time, so I guess nothing really went wrong.
  9. DanRafi5


    Feb 16, 2005
    i use to sing aside from playing bass and guitar and i was singing for my first gig and i completely choked... i didnt know how shy i was and i froze.. i sang ok but i was a stick and didnt move haha