*HELP* Replacement Nut for Ibanez SRFF806 - Fanned Fret 6 string

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  1. BassburyAC


    Jun 11, 2016
    So I bought a bass off a guy, all fine and dandy, nothing shady. Some minor dinks which he was honest about. Honestly I cant remember if he told me, but, he filed the nut down on the bottom 2 strings.

    The main issue being the bottom string, he filed it down to fit a .170 and I use a .135. The gap I have is literally enormous, and my open note sounds like a tinny metallic fart. Not really what I want and I would really like to take this bass out on shows!

    Ive been looking for a replacement nut, Ive gone to the Ibanez parts store and found the part I need but its labelled discontinued which baffles me.

    I really need help either locating the original stock replacement nut, or someone point me in the direction of resolution. UK based if that makes a little difference.

    Note: I have already been told to contact Headstock Distribution to see what they can do.
  2. Turnaround

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    May 6, 2004
    Toronto Canada
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    Find a local luthier/tech and have a nut made. Even a factory-made nut needs to be fitted and properly adjusted, so it's worth it to have a well-qualified person do the job in full.
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  3. Aidil


    Dec 4, 2014
    Jkt, IDN
    Are you sure it's because of the nut? It may just need to re-setup neck curvature by tweaking the truss rod due to different string tensions. And maybe shim the nut, although this should not be the case, since larger string would have larger vibration pattern, so it requires high nut action thus the nut should not be filed deeper when it was made larger.

    IME, larger filed slots could accept smaller diameter strings just fine. The high tension would keep the strings sit tight in the slots. The same case as on the bridge side when using tapered strings. Smaller diameter portion of the tapered string would sit tight on the saddle, despite it actually could hold larger diameter string.

    Couple of years ago I had one of my 6ers' (I do own an SRFF806, but it wasn't it) nut filed larger to fit .175 .130 .105 .085 .065 .045 strings. I specifically told the luthier to make each slot larger to its sides, not the bottom. So, there was no change on the nut string action. But since I couldn't make use the bass with those larger strings, I restrung it back with .130 to .030 strings (and of course readjust the truss rod as required). I didn't do anything with those larger nut slots as the bass played just fine with the "smaller" strings.
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  4. Slater

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    Apr 17, 2000
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  5. Bobster


    Mar 27, 2006
    Austin, TX
    Here's the Ibanez SRFF 806 part number: 4NT1PC0003

    Link is: Ibanez parts catalog

    Ibanez Parts Site is located here: Ibanez.com | Parts

    That's going to be the easiest place to start. You can order that through any Ibanez dealer. Cost is about $10. It will ship from California, unless they happen to be out of stock at that time, which means it will come from Japan. About 2 weeks from California, or 2 months for Japan.

    That's a Tusq nut. It will need to be shortened (height) to fit, but width and string spacing will be correct. You can use a micrometer to match the height of the original nut and just make this one match. To shorten the nut, just use sandpaper. Use white glue (Elmers) to secure it.

    *** one point, when sanding the bottom of the new nut, be sure to keep the nut sitting exactly flat and level on the sandpaper ***

    The dealer will be able to give you a delivery estimate.

    All the best,

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  6. beaglesandbass

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    Aug 14, 2001
    Philly Suburbs
    Ibanez can get you the part
  7. lz4005


    Oct 22, 2013
    Everyone else is assuming the bottom of the slot is too low. But it sounds like you're talking about the slot being too wide.
    Is too wide, too deep or both?

    As a temporary fix you can fill in part of the slot with superglue to make it the right size and verify that that fixes the problem.
    You can also put a paper shim under/beside the string to fill the gap as another temporary fix while you diagnose the problem.

    But before all that you should make sure it isn't a downforce issue. If there's only one or two winds of string around the tuning post it may not be pressing down on the nut enough to stop the string properly. Make sure you wind the string all the way to the base of the post on that lowest string.

    To check for that without replacing the string, press down on the string between the nut and tuning post while playing the open note. If the problem goes away when you do that it means the string is installed incorrectly.
  8. BassburyAC


    Jun 11, 2016
    Hey everyone, thanks for the responses.

    So i bought a replacement blank nut, I haven't done anything with it yet but i have the details of a local tech who should be able to help.

    I also went to the Ibanez parts website which showed that the parts were discontinued - i thought this was very odd considering that the model is relatively new- , I then spoke to headstock who told me to speak to a stockist who - surprise surprise - didn't have it in stock (why would they?) and have placed a special order with ibanez for the stock nut. I will have to wait until Jan/Feb though.

    Im thinking ill get the blank I have put in, and use that for now and depending on how it goes either get the tech to install the stock one or keep it as a spare.

    In terms of the issue I had, the issue is primarily the slot being too wide, its about 5mm too wide, pretty massive gap. Then on the following bottom 2 strings maybe 1/2mm each, just enough to buzz. If i was to place my finger on a fret the buzz goes away so it potentially is a little low but regardless its buggered.

    I have heard about putting superglue in the gap but I'm a little apprehensive, it is a very nice finish on the bass and I dont want to go dripping glue all over it, being a clumsy sod.

    Thank you all for the help!
  9. Turnaround

    Turnaround Commercial User

    May 6, 2004
    Toronto Canada
    Independent Instrument Technician
    You are right to be cautious about it. Check this out and understand that you need to be as careful as Dan is to do this repair.

  10. Bobster


    Mar 27, 2006
    Austin, TX

    The part number I sent you isn't discontinued. They made a change the bass itself, but the nut part number is still valid. Just check with an Ibanez dealer.


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