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Let's see those UGLY basses!!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by liveburning274, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Ric5

    Ric5 Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jan 29, 2008
    I grow organic carrots and they are not for sale
  2. stonehenge


    Apr 8, 2011
    Duvall WA
    Yes it is!
  3. jim777

    jim777 Tarantula Lobbyist

    Aug 7, 2006
    South Jersey
    That bass is gorgeous, anyone saying differently needs their meds adjusted :D
  4. BassmanM


    Feb 17, 2011
    Hamburg, Germany
    It is not ugly AT ALL! It is ULTRA-COOL and one of a kind! :bassist: :hyper:
  5. precijazz

    precijazz I want a name when I lose.

    Aug 31, 2011
    These Chinese Bongo copies are getting quite close these days...
    hillerup likes this.
  6. JFOC


    Oct 23, 2010
    new hampShire
    Yeah that thing is sweet!
  7. OneAri


    Jan 1, 2013
    Brighton, UK
    There's something very Grove about that bass :bag:

    Unless of course it's you makes them in which case I'll sell a kidney for an endorsement? :D
  8. blueskyjaunte

    blueskyjaunte Thump

    Sep 16, 2013
    Sunny AZ
    The Gulf livery is the best color scheme ever devised, IMNSHO. :bassist: I've been thinking hard about doing that to my '81 911.
  9. BassCliff


    May 17, 2012
    So. Cal.

    Sorry, this is not a bass and not exactly ugly, but I thought I'd share anyway.

    My luthier friend calls this his "Scrap-o-caster" because he literally built it from scraps of wood laying around his shop (even the fingerboard), glued and bolted them together, filled it with awesome electronics, and it plays like a dream!

    Steve says, "It's got all Seymour Duncan (magnetic) pickups: mini humbucker, hot stack, P-Rail. The first two with series/parallel switches, the third with Seymour Duncan's proprietary coil-switching pickup ring. Then Graph Tech Guitar Labs's "acoustiphonic" piezo system in the bridge for even more sounds. Plug in a stereo cable and send the signal to two separate amps for maximum tone from the electric and acoustic signals."

    Talk about a versatile guitar!





    He's also built a few basses and he's a member of this forum too. Sorry, I can't think of his screen name right now. I'll have to call him up and tell him that I'm talking about him. :p

    Thank you for your indulgence,

  10. BillyRay

    BillyRay Supporting Member

    Jan 20, 2008
    That yellow jazz bass is insane. I would rock that no questions asked (even more so with a b/w checkered pickguard).

  11. lowendmafia

    lowendmafia Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2007
    Sacramento, California
    Thanks guys. To each their own I guess... I certainly think its cool (needs new P-ups though). The pickguard is actually chrome, although its hard to see in the pics.
  12. msaone


    May 13, 2012
    I agree. I'd be down with that yellow bass.
    Looks great.
  13. Please do! All hail the moth!
  14. That's brave. The whole thread is brave.
  15. bjelkeman

    bjelkeman Bass player wannabe Supporting Member

    May 9, 2013
    Stockholm, Sweden
  16. Oh, so it is. I retract my previous statement, it's just awesome :D

    Actually that's nicer than a lot of headless basses I've seen. I love the concept of a headless and would so rock one (or a few) if a) they weren't so ugly and b)not so damn expensive.
  17. bjelkeman

    bjelkeman Bass player wannabe Supporting Member

    May 9, 2013
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Fortunately this one was really cheap, but needs some TLC. Been in a garage/cellar for 19 years. New jack, new knobs, nearly all the hardware is corroded including frets, strap locks etc. But the neck is straight and nice to play on.
  18. BioDriver

    BioDriver A Cinderella story

    Aug 29, 2008
    Austin, TX
    I'll say nice things about your J for the price of that smexy green Darkstar P ;)
  19. Sid Fang

    Sid Fang Reformed Fusion Player Supporting Member

    Jun 12, 2008
    All hail!

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