Let's see those Work Horse Basses!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Helix, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Judge Nickels

    Judge Nickels

    Aug 3, 2015
    My #1 for the foreseeable future. Sub 8lb 1968 Precision w/ fresh oly white nitro refin and Lindy Fralin pickup.

    Pictured in the studio two weeks ago. Those amps are just holding up the Rupert Neves Design DI.
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  3. a_n_n_e


    Oct 10, 2017
    new orleans
    back in 2006, my senior year in high school, my dad told me he wanted to get me a nice bass as a christmas/graduation gift. i asked him for a price range and he just told me to find something and he would see what he could do. i spotted the 57AVRI in a fender catalog and just fell in love with the looks of the thing (my first bass was a P so i wasn't worried about picking it out only based on looks) circled it and showed my dad. again he just said he would see what he could do. i thought that there was no way i'd actually get it, it was $1400 and that was more than twice as much money as either of us had into any instrument at the time.

    come christmas morning tho he surprised me with it (and my mom and i surprised him with a 4003) and ever since it's just been the one. sometimes i think about using another one of my basses as my main for a gig, but i always end up going with the 57. there's just something special about it. i play hard, and have a habit of throwing/dropping/kicking/standing on it on stage. nothing has ever broken on it, and i've only ever really had to make minor bridge adjustments over the years. it just stays set up where i want it. thank god, because i do not want to have to take the neck off for a truss rod adjustment.

    yes, i know, it's very filthy. Fender American Vintage 57 Precision Bass - Front.jpg 2017-02-01 19.04.39.jpg
    also in case you're wondering, gregory was a stray cat that hung out at my friend's bar and he was my favorite.
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  4. Mr.Ace

    Mr.Ace Bass players rule!

    Sep 8, 2015
    Pompano Beach FL
    Endorsed by Fusion ( maker of killer gig bags)
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  5. PWRL


    Sep 15, 2006

    I use these two most of all, these days. 2011 American Special Precision and a 1998 Warwick Streamer LX. I also have an MIM Jazz which I love and which was a main player for a quite a while and is still a go-to bass around the house. I also have my 2013 Rickenbacker 4004L Jetglo which is great, but doesn't really qualify as a workhorse yet, as much as I love it. I'm trying to keep in in good condition.
    I'm considering putting a stock Fender pickup back into the P bass. It's a great bass, though. Very comfortable neck.
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  6. This was the workhorse for a long time. Then I traded it for Gibson Thunderbird which I have yet to play out. Very happy with the Thunderbird, very curious to see how it does live.

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  7. basshawk21

    basshawk21 Supporting Member

    Jan 18, 2018
    Columbus, Ohio
    1968 4000.jpg RAH and 4000.jpg

    My 1968 4000. I have newer ones, but just always turn to this one.
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  8. mikewalker

    mikewalker Supporting Member

    Jul 30, 2017
    Canada, Eh!
    Right now it's a tough call between these two:

    X-RAY (2).JPG


    I have seven other basses that fill various roles, but as all-rounder workhorses go, one of these two is gonna be the winner. The Vaccaro is the best-sounding bass of the whole bunch, but the Kramer is the most fun to play.
    And both of them need new strings, but that has been postponed while they both are still awaiting the pickup and knob upgrades I have planned (all the parts are here, just been too lazy to clean up the workbench...)
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  9. Dluxe


    Jan 9, 2011
    Austin, TX
    The trusty Fender Roscoe Beck 5.

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  10. My Trusted and beloved MIM Precision. This baby gigged 8/10 years constant back when i was lucky to be a musician for a job. Miss that old ass amp too! Semi retired now. Still jam and record though. Imported her to Norway ❤. If basses could talk !
    IMG_0004.JPG IMG_3639.JPG IMG_3614.JPG IMG_4086.JPG
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  11. Fletz


    Jan 16, 2009
    New Jersey
    Hartke artist
    Me and my numerous uno

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  12. pbass888

    pbass888 Supporting Member

    Jul 8, 2009
    3 jazzes in the stable get a lot of play dates....1 fret’s and two don’t . Last year we did about 130 shows mostly jazz some reggae and 1 tour ... bottom pic a 65 jazz , mutt with hg Thor neck and a mij unlined fretless... B2E4CECC-4DBD-4E8E-8765-61F8834297C0.jpeg 10D007B7-AB41-4478-8C13-4664F6EE7C5D.jpeg
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  13. bassstation

    bassstation terms of enRAMPAGEment

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  14. FilTurd


    Dec 13, 2015
    Pacific Northwest
    The Gamma that is always getting used and beat up!! In the most fun ways....it went from this to this...
    photo (50).JPG IMG_20180214_072311.jpg
  15. pbass888

    pbass888 Supporting Member

    Jul 8, 2009
  16. The jazz gets 95% of the gigs these days. It's an American standard with Dimarzio Ultra Jazz and Aguilar OBP-1. For some reason I can't find any action shots at the moment.


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  17. Rickter


    Nov 30, 2006
    Nashville, TN
    Here’s the beast. An American Standard Precision 5. My pride and joy. Haven’t found anything that it can’t do.

  18. Torn Bassist

    Torn Bassist

    Feb 8, 2013
    I have started a new band and we play some fretless and Drop D tunings so I purchased a Morley ABC switcher and use my Spector NS2 for the bulk of the songs and switch to the Spector NS4 fretless to cover those songs...the Drop D tuned songs work best using the Spector Coda 4P DLX. Hope you like!
    NS2 Black Cherry Front Body w2.JPG
    Spector NS2.
    Spector NS4 fretless 2.jpg
    Spector NS4 Fretless.
    NAMM 2014-2.jpg
    Spector Coda 4 P DLX, switched the pickup to a EMG active pickup and the preamp to an Aguilar Obp3.
    VFW sept30_2.jpg
    This picture is with the NS2
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  19. Old Blastard

    Old Blastard

    Aug 18, 2013
    You win for best story, including Gregory. RIP Greg.
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  20. staurosjohn

    staurosjohn Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2010
    Nottingham, MD
    My main player! Fender P w/Geddy Lee neck (recently modified waterslide)- SD Quarter Pounder- Roto SS 66’s... packs a PUNCH !!

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