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Loving the DR Hi-Beam's!

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Redhotbassist, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Redhotbassist


    Oct 19, 2002
    Hi talk-bass, It has been almost 2 year's since i put some new string's on this bass! and can't believe i haven't sooner.. i have been using the Warwick Red and Black Label strings since owning the Warwick but decided to go for a change and went with the DR Hi-beams, and they sound awesome, never had this bass sound as good before, they really compliment the Nordstrand pickup's aswell, very happy!

    Here is a clip:

    Let me know what you think, and your past or present experience with them.

  2. That's a great clip!

    I just put a set of Hi-Beams on my G&L L2000 custom last week. I have heard so much about DR's I had to give them a try, I'm digging the feel but the sound is certainly not as gnarly as my Rotosounds that I'm used to. I have a threaded started below about my findings. They really are nice strings.
    Take Care,
  3. jbailes


    Apr 5, 2012
    Nice slap tone, bud. DRs are the only string I'll buy. Had a set of hi beams on a warwick thumb (before I got rid of it) and was impressed with those strings. I got fat beams on one jazz, sunbeams on another jazz, and nickel plated low riders on yet another jazz.
  4. Redhotbassist


    Oct 19, 2002
    Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to trying the Lo-rider's and the black beauties aswell!
  5. SirMjac28

    SirMjac28 Patiently Waiting For The Next British Invasion

    Aug 25, 2010
    The Great Midwest
    I stopped string hunting it's only Labella I think I've been thru every model
  6. Redhotbassist


    Oct 19, 2002
    I dont think i need to string hunt after discovering these beauties.. What string's are you currently with??
  7. mpdd

    mpdd neoconceptualist

    Mar 24, 2010
    love the hi beams on my sb-2 for industrial, horror punk, and post punk, hopefully my L2000 will be here in LA today or tomorrow and i can check out what brentsimons is experiencing soon
  8. Redhotbassist


    Oct 19, 2002
    Yeah man, they will work great in almost every genre! have you tried the black beauties?
  9. SLaPiNFuNK

    SLaPiNFuNK Commercial User

    Jul 28, 2006
    LA California
    Owner: BassStringsOnline.com
    Not trying to sway you to or from any string... But just for informational sake... DR Dragon Skin's are essentially coated Hi-Beams. Black Beauties are a NPS Coated String, Think Sunbeams.
  10. Redhotbassist


    Oct 19, 2002
    Ok, i'll look into them! i'm up for trying out any set of strings to see how i get on with them, or how they might compliment my tone :)
  11. Nice chops, my man!
  12. Redhotbassist


    Oct 19, 2002
    cheers dude! :)