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Most iconic hard rock/metal amp & speaker?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by agedhorse, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. NKBassman

    NKBassman Lvl 10 Nerd

    Jun 16, 2009
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    I just saw the bassist for Crowbar using a Darkglass amp on their supporting tour with Corrosion of Conformity.
    Side note, he was so buried in the mix he could have not even had an amp at all.
  2. donahue

    donahue Supporting Member

    Jun 10, 2015
    When I saw them last year Todd Strange was playing with them again. He had these sick Kiesel basses but I don't remember his amp.
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  3. DiscoRiceJ


    Oct 15, 2018
    I missed that show when they came here. Seems like considering the DI capability that shouldn't have been the case.
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  4. Wood and Wire

    Wood and Wire

    Jul 15, 2017
    Exactly : none of them Heavy Metal / Hard Rock - strictly speaking - but all loud / heavy / sludgy / grungy, post-metal, rock music.
  5. DiscoRiceJ


    Oct 15, 2018
    I know at least Alex uses an Aguilar amp and pickups and electronics. I know he uses a B7K for his dirty sound through the house, but I hadn't heard he was using an amp. I think many more people use the pedals, but I feel like I'm the lone Darkglass guy in the Boston area. I have a new band and can't wait to crush everyone with the 900.
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  6. _Some Dude

    _Some Dude

    Sep 14, 2016
    I’m curious how you define hard rock? Aerosmith?
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2019
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  7. Wood and Wire

    Wood and Wire

    Jul 15, 2017

    That's exactly the problem I have with the term "Hard Rock" :

    For most people it is bands like Aerosmith, and Extreme.

    I wouldn't consider those types of bands (or anything the likes of Steve Vai et al play) "hard", per se - but that's the kind of thing that is popularly considered Hard Rock, and I've long ago given up trying to argue.

  8. JimmyM

    JimmyM Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    Well they both had their share of wuss tunes :D but comparatively speaking, it's pretty hard compared to what else was being recorded in their days.
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  9. hintz


    Jun 5, 2014
    wahiawa, HI(Oahu)
    Oh that's right, Webster just uses the pedal(not the amp). But I did find this video for ya, but he has all his Spector Basses loaded with the DG tone module things now as well.
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  10. NKBassman

    NKBassman Lvl 10 Nerd

    Jun 16, 2009
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    The guitars were very very loud in the mix.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
  11. NKBassman

    NKBassman Lvl 10 Nerd

    Jun 16, 2009
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    I can’t pretend to know anything about the band or their history. Haha
  12. GonePlaid

    GonePlaid "It needs a bridge cover" Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2016
    Southeast FL
    I wonder how many are going wireless PA/FOH and using dummy cabs for show. [I assume the roadies are happier][​IMG]
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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  13. Attilla D

    Attilla D

    Feb 3, 2019
    Vegas, baby!
    For the last 25 years it has been MARSHALL, a 400w. Rackmount Integrated head into 2-2x10/1x15 JCM 800 Bass series cabs. But that's me. Marshall-Iconic, yet not BASS iconic, right?
  14. Geoff Haslam

    Geoff Haslam

    Jan 28, 2019
    My 2 bob's worth as a metal bass player I've mostly used Peavey (a mark 3 in my youth then upgraded to a Mk 8 in the mid 90's) with obligatory 4 x 10 + 1 x 15. Last year I bought a Hartke 7000 which is punchier and more versatile.
    As mentioned before GK's and Trace Elliot featured heavily in the 90's and continue to be good roadworthy rigs. In the Adelaide scene Aguilar seem to be current flavour of the month.
    End of the day anything with crunch and warmth does the trick
  15. Kragnorak


    Sep 20, 2008
    As a guy that plays speed metal at times, I can tell you that one of the main reasons I love the ShuttleMax is the dynamic response. I pick fast and want as many nuances to get projected from the cabinet as possible. Anything that is remotely muddy won't work for me. My previous amp was an Ampeg SVT4-PRO and it was just too slow, and a bit quieter in perception even though it was heavier and supposedly very similar wattage.

    Even in the Class D world, I play through an Orange Terrorbass head at rehearsals, and it sounds fantastic for classic rock/blues/doom/etc but when I want a clear tone or hi-mid clarity it can't deliver.
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  16. Kragnorak


    Sep 20, 2008
    How trendy do you want? I've seen the touring metal bassists that go direct to the front-of-house at shows because their bill doesn't give them enough time to lug around a real amplifier. There's nothing iconic about THAT, and it's a horribly boring solution.
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  17. Kragnorak


    Sep 20, 2008
    Yeah, but many of their contemporaries in the exact same genre were using Hartke (See Anthrax and Megadeth). Also, you are dropping Cliff's name in support of the SVT being iconic, but he also started with Sunn and Peavey and then graduated to using two Mega Boogie D-180 heads in stereo, with one staying clean and the other using his effected signal.
  18. _Some Dude

    _Some Dude

    Sep 14, 2016
    Cliff wasn’t in response to SVT specifically, he was in response to the rest of the sentence:

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  19. Kragnorak


    Sep 20, 2008
    Gotcha! I personally missed those days. A friend of mine swears by Laney valve amps for guitar, but I don't know any bassists that use them.
  20. ampegfuzz

    ampegfuzz Supporting Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    Davenport, IA
    Ive seen some videos before he changed his rig and i thought his bass sounded awesome. too bad
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