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  1. hello, this is my first post on this forum, but i've been coming to TalkBass for awhile now.. anyways, my question:

    i'm a senior in high school, and this semester i'm going to be auditioning for a few schools... i've been playing bass for four years now (i played violin for three years before switching). for a person my age, i'd consider myself very proficient. i'm looking for some music that might suit a college audition. i was thinking of the Capuzzi Concerto in F Major, but i wasn't too sure. i was also thinking of any of the Vivaldi Sonatas. i can pretty much play anything, so i'll look over any suggestion.

    -Stuart M.
  2. Zach Edmands

    Zach Edmands

    Jan 24, 2003
    Bach cello suites always seem to impress the judges. Suite 1 prelude is a good place to start. The Capuzzi concerto is also a fine choice, but for someone who's played as long as you have, I think you can play something a little bit more difficult.