MusicMan/Jazz Bass name?

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  1. madjazzbass


    Jan 5, 2014
    What is? or Is there a proper name for a Jazz Bass that has a Musicman pickup in the bridge position? Is it considered an M/J? (like a P Bass with a J pup in the bridge position is called a P/J Bass) or would it be a MMJ? or What? I happen to own a (SX) Bass like this, it sounds fantastic! The MM pup in the bridge position sounds So much fuller, warmer and has a lot more growl than the standard J pup; My next purchase/build will most definitely be another one with this configuration. Anyone else experience this at all?
  2. two fingers

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    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    It's hard to say.

    I have seem "J/MM" before.

    There is no formula per say. Because an HS bass or an HSS guitar goes from bridge to necl in order. But a PJ is from neck to bridge.

    Interesting. I honestly don't know.
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  3. Bassist Jay

    Bassist Jay

    Dec 28, 2009
    Sterling, CO.
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    Him bucket in the bridge and a jazz near the neck. A jazz body with a H/J configuration. Plenty of builders not just Music Man, use a humbucker style pickup on their basses.
  4. Reedt2000

    Reedt2000 Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2017
    Central New Jersey
    Isn't HS what music man calls it? I've got a Warwick with that configuration and I love it :thumbsup:
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  5. mmbongo

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    Warwick calls it a JazzMan.

    Nordstrand is a RayJay.
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  6. madjazzbass


    Jan 5, 2014
    Just came across this Beauty and I'm in Love :woot: b5e25081a91c7f3994f6adeadab64a10--bass-guitars-for-sale-fender-bass.jpg
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  7. 2cooltoolz

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    Nov 12, 2009
    Lake Conroe, TX
    EBMM calls it HS.
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  8. bigtone23


    Dec 10, 2014
    Denver, CO
    I would lean towards MM/J or J/MM.
    My 99 US P Dlx is a P/JJ since it's a dual J for a bridge PU.
  9. andruca


    Mar 31, 2004
    Madrid (Spain)
    This guy (apparently does such mods a lot, both on Ps and Js) calls them "Fenderman".

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  10. madjazzbass


    Jan 5, 2014
    This is my SX "MMJ", it sounds fantastic 20180507_104746.jpg
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  11. bigtone23


    Dec 10, 2014
    Denver, CO
    I do love those Lakland 55-02/55-94. I have a 55-01 fretless, but would love to have a black 55-02 someday. My catch is the MM PU looks slightly shifted to the bridge from the traditional Stingray sweet spot. Can anyone confirm?
    I really want a 5 string Stingray, but gotta have the wide spacing and properly located PU.

    EDIT: Did some digging and found out that the MM PU on a 02/94 is a touch more bridge side vs a SR. Seems they are favoring a 60s/70s Jazz bridge tone with the coil selects.
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  12. BobKos

    BobKos Supporting Member

    Apr 13, 2007
    I would call it with neck pup first then all others moving towards bridge. True that EBMM calls them backwards, and coil numbering on their basses runs bridge coil #1 & higher towards the neck. Kinda backwards IMO.
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  13. tomersg


    Aug 6, 2007
    warwick call this JAZZMAN. seems legit.
  14. mikeswals

    mikeswals Supporting Member

    Nov 18, 2002
    Seattle / Tacoma
    Musicman calls it the HS.

    Before that, like when Lakland came out it was JMM or MMJ
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  15. Reedt2000

    Reedt2000 Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2017
    Central New Jersey
    Yup, the FNA Jazzman (the plain FNA model is just the bucker). I like being able to blend the J pickup in, it mellows the aggressive tone of the MM PU.
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  16. tb4sbp


    May 9, 2017
    North East
    That is a nice looking bass
    Nicely done!
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  17. Manticore


    Feb 27, 2016
    SoCal and PNW
    Henceforth it shall be known solely as "Phred."
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  18. I would think that J/MM would create the least confusion with people.
  19. Bassist4Eris

    Bassist4Eris Frat-Pack Sympathizer

    I always called it J/MM. But "RayJay" is the coolest name to pop up in the thread so far. I may have to start using that.

    Here's my main player:

    Claribel resized.jpg
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  20. twinjet

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    Sep 23, 2008
    The hairsplitter in me despises the "P/J/MM" colloquialisms, because the pickups are not sold or actually labeled by those names.

    I use them occasionally because folks know what they mean. However, what EBMM calls them -- Humbucker/Single -- would be the most technically accurate label.

    However, I do realize nobody else really cares. Except @Killed_by_Death ... maybe. ;)
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