My SX... finally done! sound clips soon!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by GearHeadBassMan, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Was the bad ass II a direct bolt up, or did you have to re drill?

    I think my only only issue is i'm not a fan of the pup ashtray w/o the bridge ashtray. And maybe pick up a cheap black control plate.
  2. the badass was a bolt up, but just barely. and I took off the string tree and the neck ashtray. I don't want the bass to be too dark, so I'm leaving the chrome control plate (plus, I shielded the crap out of the bottom of it so I'd lose that as well)
  3. scottm

    scottm Supporting Member

    Aug 13, 2005
    Your bass turned out killer. I would leave it the way you got it.

  4. DeanT

    DeanT Send lawyers, guns and money...

    Personally I would have gone with black knobs to complete the look. But that's just me. I also would lose the pickup cover. I'm not a fan of ashtrays or covers. But if it suits you, go for it.

    BTW, where are those soundclips you were promising?
  5. mrjim123

    mrjim123 Supporting Member

    May 17, 2008
  6. I was looking for bell replacement knobs, I'm not a big fan of the chicken head knobs so much. wanted black, but then found these knobs that go up to 11 and I couldn't not get them. Ideally they would be in black but since the knob color is the same as the neck in RL they stick out without looking out of place, which I like.

    As for the sound clips, attribute that to my computer dying and my shoddy electronics work. all shall be remedied soon, I swear!

    Edit: as far as the neck ashtray, it's there mostly to hide the "customizing" I had to do to the pickguard so the dimarzio (which was a tiny bit more bulky than the stockers) would fit. It's off now, you can't really see the work I did.
  7. Thunderitter

    Thunderitter Bass - The Final Frontier.. Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2007

    Bass looks good; as for the cover and the retainer, I'd go black with both:


  8. more electronic trouble, so I just brought it to my tech. he's going to see if he has a spare black control plate and string tree to swap out with. would be pretty neat!
  9. LCW

    LCW Inactive

    Mar 2, 2009
    why do so many people go through and pick at it " i would have......" then do it there cheap.

    Good job man glad you like it , thanks for the pictures Sx modding threads are my favorites to read.
  10. Thunderitter

    Thunderitter Bass - The Final Frontier.. Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2007
    Might have something to do with the OP asking "Should I keep the ashtray?"

    Ask a question and expect it to receive some answers/opinions.
  11. duckbutter


    Mar 30, 2005
    + 100
  12. Yeah I like the opinions, thats why I asked for them! I just wanted to counter people's opinions with the reason I chose to do it the way I did!


    Here it is stock, with a fresh set of GHS Boomers:
    bass test.wma - 2.24MB

    And here it is, setup with low action for the percussive element, with all the mods:
    Bass test finished.wma - 2.25MB

    both tests were conducted the same way: same bass line (one of the ones I play that really explores the neck) recorded direct into my computer's sound card (audigy platinum) with the following knob settings:

    1st run : vol 10/vol 0/tone 0
    2nd: vol 0/vol 10/tone 0
    3rd: vol 10/vol 10/tone 0
    4th: vol 10/vol 0/ tone 10
    5th vol 0/vol 10/ tone 10
    6th: vol 10/vol 10/tone 10

    enjoy and comment!

    EDIT: I should add that the input levels are not unity between the two recordings, and the new recording is in Eb while the first is standard E
  13. Hey, just FYI, here's the price list!
    bass- $170 shipped
    pickups and all electronics- $130
    bridge- $50
    tuners- $40
    strings- $30

    Total: a cool $420 for a bass which my singer (who is in an elite class of gear snobbery) says doesn't sound like a MIA fender J, but does sound in the same league as one.

    Outgoing Impressions: I think I'm more in love with the way this looks rather than the way it plays. One area of concern is the neck, which my tech (who used to build at modulus) described as "built in the wrong fashion". I may have gotten a bad one, but when he set it up he remarked that the higher frets were simply incorrect in every way, which leads to alot of percussive and not really ideal playing when playing hard with a pick.

    The color scheme was one I settled on really after finding a black badass. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with this guy (except to keep a wood finish) but I'm really happy the way it turned out (minus the ashtray and the string tree)

    I think my next build will be a bigger brother to this guy, either by designing and building the body and neck with the aforementioned tech or going warmoth. I'd really like to go further in the quality of buildmanship which the cheap SX just can't touch.

    However, by the way my (ex)bandmates reacted to this thing stretching its muscles for the first time, I'm really happy with the way it came out, and for more than $100 less than a MIM fender, I'd say it's more than worth it!
  14. sarnz


    Oct 6, 2008
    looks sweet fagan. those black strings look sweet on it too. i've been working on my sx tele, just gotta clear coat it now. i think the neck might have been a little twisted though, trying to correct that..
  15. becker4567


    Jul 26, 2008
    Keep the neck astray! Gives it that vintage vibe. Plus, it's more comfortable than resting your thumb on the pup.
  16. not for me, I play up near the neck and it gets in the way!
  17. dave64o

    dave64o Talkbass Top 10 all time lowest talent/gear ratio! Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2000
    Southern NJ

    That's actually wallpaper? We just got a new shower curtain for our son's bathroom it has the exact same pattern, just that the "squares" are different colors.

    Nice looking bass, BTW. :cool:
  18. MattAT


    Jun 24, 2008
    Wheeling, IL
    That bass is awesome. Those knobs are killer! Good job.
  19. well, he's the tech... surely he'll be able to level/reprofile as required, right? I mean, fret work is not exactly a mystery.
  20. His remarks... "doing so would basically make the bass a fretless past the 14th fret, as the leveling job would essentially take them down to the fretboard. I can only set the action so low with a straight neck before the higher frets make playing impossible."

    so I either play a shrimp-tail neck or just deal with it. so I'm dealing with it.
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