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NBD: Squier Classic Vibe 60's Precision

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dcalde78, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. dcalde78


    Apr 17, 2012
    Had this on layaway in the local music store for months on end and since the taxman decided to give me some money back, I went and bought it, as I'll more than likely not be able to afford it in the future. I paid this off on Friday and picked it up on Saturday, and due to being out I've only gotten around to documenting it now. I got it on the cheap as well due to some finish damage on the top of the headstock (very minimal).

    This thing is top notch. I love it. The neck profile is fantastic, the pickups sound beefy, it's weighty but not too heavy, and the tort pickguard is starting to grow on me (I originally wanted to swap it for black). I even like the stock strings, but I am partial to Fender rounds anyway (I think that's what come on it!).

    And to follow the rules of no pics, no bass:





    I can't wait to rock this at my next gig, but I currently have no idea when that's gonna be unfortunately.
  2. SirMjac28

    SirMjac28 Patiently Waiting For The Next British Invasion

    Aug 25, 2010
    The Great Midwest
    Beautiful congrats
  3. ManMountain


    Jan 15, 2013
    Endorsing Artist: Vintage, Jim Dunlop Strings
    I have one of these, always been a Fender Jazz player, I tried an American Fender Precision and didn't like anything about it. After a year of playing my Jazz I saw one of these Squire 60 CV Precisions for £300 and thought, why not try it?
    It's fantastic, it's definitely worth that kinda money. If there was anything I'd criticise, it's that I haven't seen a single one that I would call Fiesta Red. Every single one I've seen I would describe as almost Hot Pink.
  4. Lowbrow

    Lowbrow Supporting Member

    Apr 22, 2008
    Pittsburgh PA!
    A great bass. Enjoy it!
  5. dcalde78


    Apr 17, 2012
    I've been doing a lot of practice at home as well as at college for my course so I've had a good play around with it. I just can't get over the tone of this thing. Not to mention the fretwork is really spot on. Nothing sharp, nothing protruding. The only thing I could see myself doing to modify it is to take some 0000 steel wool to the back of the neck to get rid of the gloss finish. I've yet to have any problems with it yet though.
  6. These basses are great. I love mine.
  7. f.c.geil


    May 12, 2011
    Congrats on a fantastic bass! Wish I'd kept mine, actually, so I'd recommend you hang on to it.
  8. Buskman


    Apr 13, 2007
    Jersey Shore, USA
    Congrats - you chose a great bass.

    Enjoy, and play the heck out of it!
  9. mattattack187

    mattattack187 Bass Enthusiast Supporting Member

    Feb 2, 2012
    Bangor, ME
    Almost bought this before I did a blind buy on the Matt Freeman Sig. It's just as awesome and a true P Bass.
  10. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    My 2002 Precision had that matte finish on the back of the neck. After years of playing, it's worn to a smooth gloss.

    Congrats on your new bass.
  11. NeroJazz

    NeroJazz Supporting Member

    May 2, 2011
    It's a nice bass, congratulations!

    Although I never really understood how the could market this one as Fiesta Red. The CV P I had was no where near Fiesta, more like Weird Orangey Red.
  12. Lose the sticker.

    Otherwise, it actually looks vintage. The only thing I would change is the control knobs!

  13. That bass - left 100% stock - is the real deal.

    Good Job!
  14. dcalde78


    Apr 17, 2012
    Yeah, the sticker will come off when I take the plastic off of the pickguard. I just haven't gotten round to it yet.

    Thanks. Between this and my EMG Musicman loaded Kramer, I don't think I'll need anything for a while yet. Maybe a 5 string down the line somewhere but I don't plan to sell this bad boy.