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  1. So, I tried searching for one but couldn't find a thread dedicated just to JAPANESE Fender basses.

    If there is one, please point me to it so I can have this one deleted.

    I lived in Japan for 6 years and my wife is Japanese. I am a HUGE fan of Fender Japan... both basses and guitars. The build quality is usually superb and they have some interesting and unique models.

    Please feel free to post pictures and a story behind where you bought your bass and why you love or hate it! I have a bunch of FJ basses so will be posting them here when I can find the time.

    PLEASE DO NOT POST BASSES YOU DO OWN! I am not trying to create a database of known basses... just OUR basses. Thanks!

    Let's show some love for our FJ Basses!!

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  2. Alright, so my favourite bass is a Japanese Jazz bass that some of you may have seen before. It is a domestic only JB-45. It is disgusting and I will never clean it. I bought it from an auction site and was so gross I knew I had to buy it. It is an N serial number so likely from 1993.

    It was ever dirtier in person than in the pictures. I love it play it a ton and will never part with it.

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  3. Let's see some Japanese Fenders!
  4. Malak the Mad

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    I started a similar thread six years ago, right after FMIC dissolved the joint venture with Kanda-Shokai.

    Endangered Species: Fender Japan Instruments (Made/Crafted in Japan)

    Sadly, I'm not as impressed with the current designs coming out of the FMIC-managed branch as I used to be. Certainly, there are some interesting ideas there, but in my honest opinion, the designs Kanda-Shokai produced were more like "functional art pieces"…beautiful to look at, while still being dependable players. Nowadays, I can already see how the core, American paradigm is starting to seep into Made In Japan basses. :meh:
  5. Malak the Mad

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    I still have my first-ever bass, a 2007-ish, Crafted In Japan, Export-Edition Aerodyne. I recently pulled it out of storage and it still feels amazing in my hands! :thumbsup:


    And on the "One That Got Away" front, I briefly owned an amazingly sublime Limited Edition "All-Black" JB62 Jazz bass. There's a whole story about how I got it, the day it arrived from Japan and how I had to let it go. :bawl: (TL-DR: No working car means I can't work!)


    Side Note: I missed that JB62 so fiercely that I assembled a parts-bass as a tribute to it's awesomeness.
  6. Both those black basses are gorgeous. They also both look pristine! That black Jazz bass...what was the serial?

    It looks older and unless you have Quarter Pounders in it... those are the older larger pole pickups that I love from Fender?
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  7. As far as this thread goes... I hope to provide a place for people to enjoy all that is Fender Japan (past and present). I have a Jazz Bass (walnut 60s series) that is from 2012 that is spectacular in its build quality. I don't play it much but when I do, I always marvel at its quality.


    Mine is in storage but looks very similar to this. Ash body, JB-62, but mine has vintage Seymour Duncan pickups.

    I am going to pull it out sometime soon and then I'll post some pictures.
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    It's hard to see in that overhead pic, but my Aerodyne isn't as pristine as I would like it to be. It has a few chips and dents on the body and headstock, but that's pretty normal for your average 'Dyne. Here's some pics sent to me by the shop that sold it to me…


    But, I suppose an Aerodyne without blemishes is like a day without sunshine, neh…neh? :blackeye: :D When I first got it, I was considering getting the chips filled and repaired. Fortunately, a guy at my local Guitar Center said to me, "Don't! That's 'mojo' right there!" and convinced me to leave it be.

    As for their serial numbers, the Aerodyne is a "Crafted In Japan, T-xxxxxx" and a low number at that, so I'm fairly sure it was made in 2007. The All-Black JB62 is a "MADE IN JAPAN, T-xxxxxx" and has a pretty high number which would place it somewhere between 2009 and 2010.

    Good eye, there! When I got it, it was all original. The write ups I found about the All-Black Jazzes call them "HOTROD" pickups, and they certainly lived up to the name! They growled so nicely, but not at the expense of any clarity. When I slapped a set of brand new Rotosound Swing Bass 66's on it, I finally got to experience that "piano-like sound" that's sought after by some players. :cool:

  9. P Cheen

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    On the left is my non-export Aerodyne in dolphin gray:


    I grew up in Asia Pacific where Japanese instruments are plentiful and cheap (I got a lawsuit 1974 Greco EB-0 for $95 in 2015). Japanese Fenders are masterfully built but my gripes have always been the basswood body (too soft) and the horrible, dull pickups they put in those.
  10. Bunk McNulty

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    Dec 11, 2012
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    1994 Fender Japan '62 Reissue 32" scale.
    Fender Jazz.jpeg
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  11. lofi406


    Nov 11, 2016
    256C20B5-B474-4304-8CC8-FC6829635F7C.jpeg Here is a pic of my ‘57 reissue MIJ in seafoam green from 1988 (H series). Huge neck (feels like a baseball bat cut in half) and is one of the best sounding p basses I’ve played - smooth, fat, and lots of heft behind each note. Found it on ebay several years ago, weighs right at 9 pounds, and is always fun to play - and I love the seafoam :bassist:
  12. Oooh... that Dolphin Grey. Nice. I have never played nor owned an Aerodyne. Judging by resale prices, they must be pretty good. My "Pinky" above is basswood and I quite like the tone. The walnut Jazz is ash and while it certainly is a brighter sound, I don't dislike the basswood at all. Just a very different sound.
  13. Just out of curiosity... what pups are those? I love white covers. In Japan there were some basses produced with Dimazio pickups and some of those had white covers. Nice bass.
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    An MIJ Fender P bass actually pointed me down this twisty, turny path of being a musician. Years later I was able to acquire that bass and its one of my favorites to this day. Here's the story.

    NBD - Welcome home old friend....
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  15. 4-fingers


    Nov 22, 2015
    Ontario Canada
    1990 PB-62.
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    20200517_084132.jpg 20200517_090144.jpg
    My 2001 Steve Harris signature bought brand new.
  17. First off, very cool story. Also, nice early E Serial. You don't see that many E Pbass models around these days and certainly not in that shape. Thanks for sharing that.
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  18. One of these popped up on Yahoo Auction recently. It was a bit pricey but as I had never heard of this model, I was really intrigued. Beautiful bass and I like the pickguard... is it aluminum?
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    I've been looking for more info / history on Fender mij basses - especially since acquiring a mid-90s mij P this spring.
    It's definitely my favorite P - I love the neck, and it weighs 8lbs!
    This came from another TB member.
    20210327_180611 (2).jpg

    This one I've had since the early 90's. Another great neck.
    I wasn't looking for a bass, but the previous owner was getting a divorce and was very persistent!
    I don't remember if I even was aware it was the "Duff" bass at the time...
    I used it mainly as a practice/rehearsal bass, but soon came to appreciate how well it sounded and played.
    Duff - no strap (2).jpg