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Paul McCartney and his Basses

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by JD Supernatural, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. bbjonz

    bbjonz Supporting Member

    Aug 6, 2004
    Tucson, AZ
    Yes, I remember that story. And yes, I think that does qualify. I can't imagine that Paul would have purchased rounds on his own. So assuming the '66 Jazz arrived with flats, maybe Paul instructed Mal to cut the corresponding strings from the Steinway in studio 1. Hilarity ensues when, a few weeks later, Van Cliburn plays a low E on the Steinway but there is no sound. Same for the A, D, and G...
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  2. Van Cliburn: "@#$% McCartney!"

    (studio engineers twiddle their thumbs, whistle and look up at the ceiling...)
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  3. shoulderpet


    Sep 24, 2015
    I see what you mean with the string noise on this track, I think the bass probably already had rounds on it as I cannot see Macca asking for rounds to be fitted
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  4. terr0rgasm


    Oct 8, 2016
    Phoenix, AZ
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  5. zombywoof5050


    Dec 20, 2001
    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the Acoustic Bass Amp in this picture.
  6. Nick named "The Beatle Bass".
  7. Me Too and I agree.
  8. 36 years apart. The 2012 band is very good with excellent videos all over YouTube.
    But this 2012 performance finds Pauls voice not very good. Age? Maybe a cold?

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  9. Take Paul’s voice and bass (rick) sound from ‘76 and put it with the modern band, and then.... perfection!

    Of course, IMHO
  10. Paul's voice in the 2012 version sounds pretty good for a guy his age. His pitch control isn't quite what it used to be, and his voice isn't quite as strong as it once was, but lots of other vocalists have sounded worse at age 70 (Ian Anderson and Frank Sinatra, to name only two).

    The 2012 band sounds great, though -- way better than Wings ever did.
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  11. Yeah, I mean, c'mon; he's 68 in that second video. Of course his voice isn't what it once was, but what do you expect?

    Here's the same song from 2017; the sound quality isn't as good as the other clips, but his voice does seem to be slightly better than in 2012:

  12. 70. That concert was in December 2012, and he was born in June 1942.
  13. And... as I’m sure most of you know, today’s his 76th Birthday!!!
    Happy Birthday Paul!!!!!
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  14. Yes, I realized later I was having a senior moment or something. My bad! And yes, today he's 76 (or 74 in my limited mental vision of the world...).
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  15. terr0rgasm


    Oct 8, 2016
    Phoenix, AZ
    And I dont care how shaky his voice is now....

    WHO else knows any other 76 years olds who are NEARLY in such performance condition???

    Stones are still killing it as well!

    They dont make 70 year olds like they used to! They make them better!
  16. I went to one of his concerts last summer, 2.5 hours nonstop. All of his bandmates got a break here and there, but Macca never left the stage.

    I wonder how many of those saying he doesn't have it anymore could do what he does, at their age, much less at 75.

    Concert was awesome, BTW, one of the best I've ever attended...and that's a lot of concerts.
  17. ChrisWright

    ChrisWright Supporting Member

    Oct 6, 2017
    Southern FL
    Yes! This is an item that I search for on a pretty regular basis. Any guidance or form posts or websites you can recommend that get to a 90% answer at least?
  18. ChrisWright

    ChrisWright Supporting Member

    Oct 6, 2017
    Southern FL
  19. Interesting article, but as it's from 1999, a lot of the information in it has since been proven incorrect; and other things he was unaware of have since come to light (Paul playing the Ric during the Abbey Road sessions, for example).

    And I doubt there will ever be a 'definitive' list of what bass he played on which track, as it's been shown that on some tracks it's just too difficult to pin down.
  20. ChrisWright

    ChrisWright Supporting Member

    Oct 6, 2017
    Southern FL
    Ah! Was oblivious to the timing. Thanks for the update.

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