Recommend me on my next bass cab

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    Ok chaps, tax refund came in. I've been thinking about re configuring my cab setup into one, do-it-all (for me)bass cab. Here are my requirements:

    -12" speakers. I don't know what it is, but I've owned 10s, 12s, and 15s. I've hated every 10 and 15" cabs and loved every 12" cab. Can't really explain it, they just always seem to sound better to me.
    -Easy to transport. I have a small hatchback, I don't gig that often. My EBS classic is a tiny little box that I can one hand up a few flights of stairs with my bass in my other hand. I'm still a young/strong enough guy, but I'm 5'8", so I have trouble with cabs scraping the ground when I try to one-hand them. I'd like something compact enough that this isn't a problem.
    -Bass heavy(I think). You can read more about my experiences with some popular cabs below. I really like something that has punch in the low-mid range. I always describe it as 'hit you in the chest' bass rather than 'make your ears bleed' ground shakiness.
    - Takes pedals well. Pretty important with my band, I run an H9 for reverbs, run the occasional octave, and heavy Darkglass distortion. I need my cab to keep up because sometimes my cab is mic'd instead of running DI.

    So pretty much the standard wants from every bassist. But here's how I'll narrow down what I like/dislike out of the cabs I've owned, and hopefully that will clue you into what would work for me.
    Current cabs:
    2x GK 112 Neos with Faital 12pr-300s - Great sounding cabs, I like the aesthetic of GK cabs. A little too big, both cabs don't fit comfortably in my car. Definitely a two hander. Maybe a little lacking in punch
    EBS Classicline 112 - Got this at a garage sale, intending to flip. Turns out it's perfectly sized for gigging. The sound is fine, and I like the look. Sounded pretty darn good when a soundguy mic'd it. But I'm worried it wouldn't keep up with an outdoor gig for stage sound. It's very very quiet.

    I've had a fEARful 15 with a 15sub stack, but I found it too sterile, not enough kick. The bass was absolutely there, but it was like, subsonic rather than punchy. Didn't really take effects that well.

    One of my favorite cabs was an LDS 212/6. It was a monster, had the chest thump that I want. Was two big to move around though.

    A fridge had the goodness but god no never again.

    I'm considering a Barefaced Super compact or Super Twin. Am I moving in the right direction or is there a brand I'm ignoring that's right in front of me?
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  2. You are most definitely moving in the right direction!
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  3. Fender rumble!
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    I can't speak to how it takes pedals, but in all other aspects you can't go wrong with a pair of Mesa Subway 112s. Actually, a Subway 112 + 115 is close to perfection in my opinion.
    I heard a guy in the Spazmatics play live through a Barefaced Super Twin and thought it was good stuff.
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  5. If your fearful lacked punch your amp needs help in the EQ dept.
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    Feedback I've gotten indicates there's a tradeoff relationship between cone top ends and tweeter top ends. A good tweeter gives you better articulation and precision and more top-end extension, while a paper cone mid for the top end tends to sound better with pedals and distortion.

    Ime there is often a tradeoff relationship between low-end extension and upper-bass punch. For a given woofer, we often lose a bit of upper bass (punch region) energy when we optimize the box size and tuning for deep, loud low bass.

    From your descriptions, you might consider Roger Baer's ML112 or the Fearless 112 without the tweeter (just the cone mid).

    If you are open to the possibility that something other than a 112 can do what you want, OR if you are open to a rather large 112 cab that actually competes well with 212 cabs, I suggest you contact Mike Arnopol. His cabs do "punchy" exceptionally well.
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    Audio Kinesis offer cabinets with switchable mid-range options and ports that can be sealed or opened up to tune the cabinet for different styles, rooms or it's placement within a room.
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