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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by JimmyM, May 18, 2021.

  1. Custom pickguard, new knobs and EMG Geezers for my Mustang PXL_20210207_180508554.jpg
  2. joelns


    Mar 10, 2014
    No mods. But does a new bass, amp, cabs, and pedalboard count?

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  3. Wood and Wire

    Wood and Wire

    Jul 15, 2017
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  4. Its current location is a spare bedroom closet. The hardest part of refinishing is doing nothing. It's like telling someone "whatever you do, don't push this button". Discipline.......
  5. Outbush


    Nov 6, 2016
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  6. Rabidhamster


    Jan 15, 2014
    Man that squid is so rad
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  7. Boy do I have the right gig bag for you... here's mine ! Nice work BTW :)

  8. EatS1stBassist


    Apr 15, 2016
    So cal
    Thanks, Feeling is same. :thumbsup:
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  9. Um...

  10. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Yamaha, Ampeg, Line 6, EMG
    Decals...LOL! They photograph like they were dug into the wood :D
  11. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Yamaha, Ampeg, Line 6, EMG
    I've often contemplated that very combo vs getting a more trad Mustang. Honestly, I think I'd be better off with one like yours.

    At least that was the plan until I decided a couple months ago that I needed another 5-string and immediately ordered one.
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  12. Classic :)

    Great thread Jimmy, thanks !
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  13. JohnWessels


    Mar 2, 2021
    Nice pup configuration. How did you wire it?
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  14. I'm new to the entire concept of "modding" my bass. Over the winter with no gigs and my luthier friend gone to Arizona to escape the weather I started watching lots of instructional/tutorial vids and tried a couple things.

    First was easy, a new colored version Grumpy guard on the Squier Musicmaster. Folks either love that theme or think it's stupid but it's a thing with my kids and I so it's all good to me. My son took that one on. All I had to do is provide him with a new white guard.

    On the Fender Musicmaster I took on a couple more things. Years ago when my son was in high school (now 28) he was getting into airbrushing and he painted the body on theme of Clapton's "Crash 1" At that time I installed a Squier Musicmaster string through body bridge. These days my hands have been bothering me more, as arthritis never tends to get better and the original '78 neck was pretty thick and uncomfortable by comparison to the Squier. So I parted out the Bronco I had assembled from parts bought here on TB. I love the feel of that thin neck, so much easier. But I did paint the headstock to match the body and my daughter used her cricut to make a custom Squier Broncomaster sticker. I also installed the Nordstrand '51 split coil pup/custom 17mm spacing that was in the Bronco.

    After watching some vids on doind a setup myself, I love how they play and no GAS pains now.

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  15. Dave Hill

    Dave Hill Supporting Member

    Jan 9, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    I shaved down the tang of the E-side of the P-pickup. The screw is now flush with the body resulting in a much more comfortable thumb rest. Should have done this years ago.
    The pandemic had nothing to do with it, though.

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  16. 3 volumes, no tone
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  17. JohnWessels


    Mar 2, 2021
    Nice, I'm thinking of changing my jaguar style into a Frankenbass with 2 humbuckers. Each coil splitted and switches for parallel and series. And selectable north and south coil per humbucker. Should be fun to do
  18. I remembered that I actually did do a couple of bass related mods during the pandemic. I installed a Hipshot bridge on my Mosrite project that had been sitting around for a year - going from this:

    bridge and tailpiece.jpg

    to this:


    and I also added a tweeter to my Ampeg 2x10 cab.

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