Winter Buildoff 2022: Still A Diva

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by TerribleTim68, Dec 22, 2021.

  1. I had my brother in law machine them for me out of 5/8th brass rod. :cool:
    Winter Buildoff 2022: Still A Diva
  2. Oh, I had posted this before, but can't recall exactly where. Here's the drawing I gave him to machine them to...
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  3. Beej


    Feb 10, 2007
    Vancouver Island
    Reposted for emphasis on this pic in particular. First off, nice work, it looks fantastic. Second, this is a really well-composed pic with the right things in focus and is very satisfying to look at. Third, it sums up the art, science and engineering that I think we all love about this craft. :thumbsup:
  4. Here's the part you're gonna love. I took that shot with my LG V60 smart phone, literally using the stock "auto scene optimizer" settings. The camera on this thing constantly amazes me. :cool:

    Thanks Beej! :)
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  5. Beej


    Feb 10, 2007
    Vancouver Island
    Man I need a new phone. My entry level samsung from 2018 just ain't cutting it anymore. Not that it ever cut it. :rolleyes:
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  6. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    Speak for yourself.
    I'm here for the fame, prizes and babes.
  7. Ingenious and stunning.
    Top work sir.
  8. It's funny. A couple years ago I bought my very first "non-Blackberry" phone, an LG V40. Before that I had always had some form of Blackberry. I don't care what anyone says about them, they were great phones. The operating system was also FAR better than Android, way less buggy, way more stable than even iOs and way more secure. They got a ton of hate from people who literally never held one because for some reason they were viewed as a "Boomer" phone. But I loved them. I chose that LG V40 mostly because of the camera(s) on it. It had 5 cameras total, 3 on the rear and 2 on the front. I had it for about 13 months before I crushed it, totally shattering the screen. Luckily I had insurance, but when I filed my claim I was told "We don't have any stock for that phone anymore, so here's the V60 as a replacement." Umm.....yes please! I had actually been looking at the V60 as a possible upgrade, so getting to have my upgrade free of charge (aside from my insurance deductible) sounds great to me! This one also has 5 cameras, and takes some amazing shots. I love it. :cool:
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  9. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    I've had a few nice phones that took nice pics in the recent past. But I can't have anything nice. I destroy my clothes, shoes, wrist watches, phones, etc.
    So, I went with a cheaper Kyocera phone designed to hold up to dust, water, drops, etc. Not exactly lightning fast operation or high end photos, but it's lasted longer than previous phones. So, you get economy level pics from me.
    But, I feel like I make up for that with my charm and a sparkling personality.
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  10. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    Also, whatever you did with the stain, it blended really well and looks pretty great.
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  11. Thank you! I outlined that here -
    Winter Buildoff 2022: Still A Diva
    It was mostly just going back with a clean damp rag and scrubbing it, then hitting it with some 0000 steel wool.
  12. I like the enormous knob because it kind of echoes the enormous pickup. You could make it an ellipse too. And the truss rod cover could be half an ellipse.
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  13. Okay, I need to revisit my "to do" list here, removing things that are completed and adding things I thought of along the way -
    • Body -
      • Shorten bridge inserts.
      • Drill bridge insert holes & ... insert them.
      • Final shaping of heel.
      • Drill bridge ground wire access.
    • Fretboard -
      • Radius
      • Side Dots
      • Finish nut slot (includes final nut shaping/height as well)
      • String ball end retainers (polish and install)
    • Neck -
      • Final Shaping/Carving/Sanding.
    • Headstock (all of this is on hold until tuners arrive) -
      • Drill Tuner Holes (I need them here first, still waiting)
    • Final -
      • Final Sanding Of Everything
      • Finish (still not sure what this will be, leaning towards wipe-on poly at this point)
      • Wiring / Assembly
    There we go, getting shorter but still scary long. This is much like my to-do list on my racecar. I remove something and then add three more things, but the added things are always much smaller and needed the big thing done before you even think about them. The team laughs at me because my list usually grows instead of shrinking, but it's my process. Tackle the big stuff first, then start focusing on the small stuff.
    Still waiting on those tuners, tracking says "Package in transit. Flight containing package has arrived." Whatever that means ChinaPost, whatever that means. :meh:
    Amazon tells me "Arriving by Feb 14th". Let's hope it's much sooner than that! It's literally the final part I'm waiting on.
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  14. Lonnybass


    Jul 19, 2000
    San Diego
    Endorsing Artist: Pedulla Basses
    What Beej said. Everything about this image is perfect!
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  15. Okay, didn't get anything at all done over the weekend. I had this spalted maple bowl with a resin inlay in the rim taking up the lathe. I had turned the bowl basic shape, then inlayed the resin rim and there it sat on the lathe chuck waiting for me to finish it. Oddly enough, I needed the lathe to polish up those brass string retainers. It's a lot easier to just chuck them up and spin the heck out of them while holding a micromesh wet sanding pad against it! :woot: But again, needed to get that bowl done. Not to mention the bowl will be my next YT video, which I also need to get back to. :meh: Priorities......priorities.

    I'm still waiting on those tuners to arrive. ChinaPost notified me today that they attempted delivery at 6am this morning but ran into a problem. I have no clue what that means, my house was still in the same spot this morning, so it couldn't have been that. I'm also unsure exactly who is attempting delivery for ChinaPost, because I know it ain't ChinaPost themselves. It's gotta either be USPS or someone like UPS/FedEx. It would be nice if they could give me a hand-off tracking number with the actual carrier. I really hate anything that comes via ChinaPost, it's always a total debacle. So here's to hoping they figure out how to deliver them tomorrow. :meh:

    I did take a trip to the depot of homes to gather some "things". $100 later I restocked my blue towels and sandpaper and then also grabbed some water based poly. Apparently the depot doesn't carry Minwax products, so I guess I'll take a chance on this Behr water based clear gloss poly -
    Screenshot 2022-01-31 090734.jpg
    I also grabbed some of those little foam brushes for application. It doesn't specifically state "wipe-on", so we'll brush it on and hope it levels well enough. I'm sure this will take some test pieces first. Anyone used this stuff?

    I'll leave you with some images of the brass string retainers after wet sanding up to 12,000 grit with the micromesh pads. the one on the right is unpolished, for comparison -


    I'm still debating if I want to flip them and polish the bottom half. Concern is that the chuck jaw "teeth" might scratch the top, and since nobody will see the bottom, best to leave any possibility of scratches there. I may also still take these up a little higher with some polishing compound or something, I dunno.

    And, I spent my Saturday at the racecar shop building a radiator air box for my niece's racecar -

    I do enjoy doing tin work on the racecars. The rest of the crew has gotten to the point where they just leave it for me since they know it'll come out decent. They don't have the patience for it. :smug:
  16. ChinaPost says my tuners have been delivered. Part of me thinks this may actually be a brick of cocaine -

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  17. RichterScale


    Feb 21, 2021
    Soooo, you should the bass done in about an hour?
  18. :laugh::roflmao::laugh:
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  19. Bent77

    Bent77 Supporting Member

    Mar 6, 2013
    Desert, Colorado
    All you need is a theme song

  20. Like You Need Another Hole In Your Head -
    So since my tuners arrived, I figured today would be a good day to drill them tuner holes. Sooo...punch a tiny pilot hole all the way through, drill half way through with a Forstner bit, flip and repeat from the other side to avoid blowout -

    Bob's your uncle! That's when I found out that my headstock is still too thick, so I'm gonna need to take some meat off the back side. Remember when I said that I wanted these tuners in hand so I knew where all these dimensions really were? :meh:

    Anyways, I'll deal with it another day. The wife was in a hit and run tonight (because we live in Washington, the hit and run capital of the world) so I'm not really in the mood to work on this. Luckily she is fine. This is why I put her in a lifted Jeep with big huge rock crawler bumpers and sliders. ;)
    The minimal damage to her rig is confined to the passenger fender and grill area, and her highjack is wasted, bent in the middle -


    Won't know if the steering is damaged until tomorrow when we try to drive it, but it made it home fine. And since the two other vehicles both took off, we get to deal with our deductible now. Yay. :meh:
    The wife is sore but fine.
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