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    Nov 20, 2013
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    So I have recently been entertaining the idea of getting a 5-string when my finances allow for it. I've only been playing for a couple years and have never actually played one before. I currently play a Warwick Corvette std 4 and, when the time comes, will probably end up getting a used Vette 5 (love my 4!!!). So I figured a good idea would be to go to Guitar Center on a weekday afternoon and just noodle around on some 5's and get a feel for'em....

    So I got out of work early yesterday and went over to the GC right by my house when it was relatively quiet. Gotta say it was pretty cool. I would have loved it had GC actually carried 'Wicks but, since we all know that's hardly ever the case, I played around on some others. The 2 that I primarily played the most were a Schecter Diamond Series 5 and a MM Stingray 5 and I really enjoyed the hell outta both basses. Personally, the Schecter felt a bit more comfortable in terms of playability, but I liked the Ray's tone better... All that aside, I liked playing a 5 but, obviously, it would take a little bit of getting used to. The biggest problem that I had was, when playing songs that I play a lot, I would end up accidentally playing on the B string when meaning to play the E, I'd play the E when I meant the A, etc.... Like I said, it was my 1st time so the learning curve is to expected. Overall, it was fun and I can definately see a 5er in my future at some point!!!

    Another cool thing that happened was when I was noodling. There was a guitar player about 10 ft from me trying out some gear. At one point I started playing Santeria by Sublime and, after about 2 measures, the guitar player joined in and we played a full, impromptu Santeria jam, start to finish, right there in GC. It was pretty cool. He even nailed the solo perfectly!!! It actually sounded pretty good. There were two older women holiday shopping who came over to listen and even gave us a lil round of applause when we finished... Guitar-boy and I ended up exchanging #'s to jam in the future.

    Overall, this was one of the more productive trips to GC (that didn't involve me buying something) that I've ever had!!!! Just figured I'd share......
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    Oct 1, 2011
    I love it when random people click in music...it's beautiful. Side note: I have a Schecter guitar (that I can't play because I'm just more of a bass player...) and the craftsmanship and the tone and everything about the bass is flawless...I've never played a Warwick, and they don't make LH MM in my justifiable price range (I love the ones I've gotten to play upside down), but if you're thinking of a new bass...go with Schecter...I just can't say enough good about them.
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    Ahh…you two had "a moment". :thumbsup:

    As far as tripping over the B-string goes, I know what you mean, B. I tried a fiver for a while and I just couldn't get the hang of it. Four-bangers + Hipshot Drop-D tuners for me, please!
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  4. Or a 4 string tuned BEAD
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  5. There is a learning curve but after a few month it becomes very natural. My take about 5 string basses: If you can get a good one go for it, if you only can afford a cheapy one and play with a cheap rig don't. The 2 basses you mentioned are good. Do it!
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    Sep 18, 2014
    Squier has a 5 string if you wanna try and mod.(If you aren't sure if you really want a 5er)
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    Jan 9, 2007
    If you cut off your thumb, it sucks, but after a while it becomes the "new normal"

    If you want to get a five string, get a five string.
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    This is good! You now have an 88% chance of making it into the Big Time, just by the mere fact that you were "noodling" at GC.

    Congrats on your new adventure!
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    That's funny. I told the same story the other day.

    If it's a new song, or one that I'm writing a part for in session, five string is no problem for me.

    If i'm at a bar and somebody launches into an old familiar standard, I gotta pay close attention to not go on autopilot and hit that B as my E.
  10. cronker


    Feb 13, 2007
    It is a learning curve, but I found it surprisingly easy to adjust quickly.
  11. 1bassplayinfool

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    When I got my first 5'er, I used the b string as a thumb rest :D YMMV
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  12. Congratulations! You have found the 1% of GC AND managed to not be interrupted by a drunk metalhead trying to do a slayer impersonation....
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    It comes just like learning to play a short scale that muscle memory builds up pretty quick and I love me some Sublime. :)
  14. 5 string basses are basically an inefficient design, with an awful lot of extra infrastructure for just 5 extra notes. Heck, just buy the 5 string bass and then drop-tune the whole shebang to ADGCF and you've got yourself a whole bunch of new notes. The low A alone gives you an excuse to buy a new amp as well!
  15. I did that with "Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2 at Long and McQuade. I was on guitar and the other dude was playing a Fender Active Deluxe Jazz Bass V and we pretty much nailed it.

    Even the manager came out to listen and he was impressed.
  16. P. Aaron

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    Playing Young Country, a low B is a must. It has also become habit to slide up to E or, D, as well as sliding down which tend to be standard characteristics these days. Often very subtle but cool. Probably transferrable to other genres.

    When I first started on the 5, it was to 'play' those low notes. Now I phrase them. A few years of listening & playing have helped.
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    Jan 18, 2009
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    That is cool.. I have had and played Schecters.. very good basses for the money. Never played a Ray for any length of time. There is a learning curve with the 5 .. but it is not very steep. You just have to do it. If you play daily you should be able to get used to it in about a month or less...

    +1... but I would say get the 5. If money is a major issue (money is always an issue to a degree ;) ) just get something inexpensive. Just try to sample the bass before you buy and consider something used.

    :) That is funny... and true.

    I totally disagree with this. It is the same design as a 4 string and it is not just about the 5 extra notes. It is also about the added versatility across the fretboard as well.
  18. TerriblePeril


    Nov 26, 2014
    Being able to tag lower register notes without a lateral movement down the fretboard is fantastic. I miss my 5er.
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    May 21, 2011
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  20. Gravedigger Dav

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    Yeah, that switching back and forth between 4 & 5 can be disconcerting. I did that last night. Hadn't played the 5 in a a couple of weeks but had a tune to learn that I want to use the 5 for and it took a little time to convince my fingers I was on a 5.