Wisdom on Prince from Gene Simmons

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by basschanges, May 10, 2016.

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    Jun 20, 2012
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  2. Lee Moses

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    Apr 2, 2013
    I'm not so sure the "truth is the opposite" regarding what happened. Some of the accounts of Prince's friends seem to corroborate some of this. That said, Simmons certainly did not express his thoughts nearly as tastefully or as respectfully as he should have; if he felt he had to say anything at all. It seems a lot of aged rock stars are trying to generate press by making outrageous statements. Nobody ever adhered to the maxim "no press is bad press" more than Gene Simmons.
  3. Gene is the Trump of the music biz.
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  4. It is tragic that in this day and age that musicians of means die such senseless drug related deaths. I am thinking of Michael Jackson, John Entwistle and now (if true) Prince and so many others.
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    Meh. Prince was the better composer, singer, bassist, and probably human being.
    But Simmons can play Rock And Roll All Night while swinging from a cable (or something to that effect), so apparently he's qualified to comment on talented musicians.

    I take Gene's "wisdom" like I take his music- with a grain of salt.
  7. Michael B

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    Does anyone not think that John Bonham's drinking killed him? Or Jim Morrisson?

    I think Prince was great. I think it sucks he had a drug problem. It seems that it contributed to his early death. Gene essentially thinks the same thing minus a healthy dose of empathy. Who is surprised at that?
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  8. Clark Dark

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    Mar 3, 2005
    The fact that I haven't read anything from Larry Graham who converted Prince to be a Jehovahs Witness and who was reportedly close to him spiritually tends to make me think that Prince might have dabbled in some things over the years that caught up with him.
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  9. Hey look, Gene is desperately trying to be relevant.....
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    Gene's a douche.
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    What a dick.
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    Simmons can't resist twisting the knife. I think there is some jealousy and hate going on in his remarks. Simmons gets to make himself look big compared to someone who was greater than him in everything that mattered.
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    I can't say I disagree.

    I understand drug addiction quite well. While it's a difficult thing to deal with for certain, it does still involve a certain amount of choice. If it didn't, there wouldn't be millions upon millions of people who have recovered.

    And I'll add... People get all up in arms (pun intended) when guns take a life or two, but still nobody's coming down (or very few) on pharmaceutical companies. Any chance they might have had something to do with this? Or Michael Jackson, or Whitney Houston, or the endless list of others...
  14. Yet the final autopsy results still haven't been released, so moot point.
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    From what I have been reading, most people caught up in the current opioid epidemic here in the US were prescribed painkillers for legitimate reasons and became addicted.

    Any of you guys ever had injuries where your doctor prescribed percocet or oxy? A good friend of mine who works in construction has back pain and refuses them even if his doctor recommends them because of the addiction possibility...I would do the same.

    Prince was in his 50s and doing acrobatics on stage in high heels...reports are he had pain from that and he may have gotten legitimate prescriptions at first.

    Either way, it's sad.

    BTW anyone remember Ted Nugent calling Duane Allman an ******* for riding a motorcycle and getting himself killed? :banghead:
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    I have been a Prince fan since the 1978 release of "Soft And Wet" a song so controversial they wouldn't even play it at certain times and I remember radio stations getting bombarded with complaints but when he released the album simply titled "Prince" a year later I knew I was witness to an absolute genius it forever changed the way I thought about music. He's gone and dead is dead I don't care about the particulars because it won't change anything.
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  17. True, Gene Simmons didn't HAVE to say anything. Maybe he should have kept his thoughts to himself. Maybe it's too soon - Prince's family and friends are still mourning. Autopsy report is inclusive.

    But IF it's true that drug addiction killed Prince, Simmons hit the nail on the head, and wasn't over the top or out of line, in my opinion. From the early comments on this thread, you'd think he went off on a name-calling racist rant to satisfy his own massive ego. That is not what I got from the Rolling Stone article in the link.
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  18. The media is always looking ways to sensationalize stories. Who knows what Uncle Gene said that wasn't even quoted.
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    If it was drugs, then Prince is just another great artist on a long list who went out that way. On that note, Gene does have a point. The issue is that Gene is a blow hard that can't stop himself from running off at the mouth for publicity, so no one is going to take it as anything but that.
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    Jul 19, 2012
    I was catching myself typing this long well thought out post about Simmons and where he can shove his opinions, but I boiled it down a little.
    What a boob.
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