Geddy Lee????? I don't get it.......

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  1. .....and KISS ;)
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    I think that suggesting a kind of music lacks emotion is crazy -- to me metal mostly lacks emotion. It doesn't make any sense to start off a song with a scream followed by lyrics that give no suggestion of what the singer's screaming about as they're all incomprehensible anyway. But that's just my take on it and I wouldn't suggest that it doesn't have emotion in it for someone else.
    Rush's music is certainly not all good. I haven't dug any song they've written since Presto. But if you think they overplay, listen to presto. If you think Geddy's voice is awful, listen to "Emotion Detector." If you think their music is just a bunch of riffs, listen to "Manhattan Project," which has real insight into how the atomic bomb changed the world, or "Red Barchetta" which is collection of random cool riffs tied together with a really cool story.
    And, as a big Rush fan, I'd just like to declare that 2112 is an album that I can't stand.
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    Oh gods, you did NOT just put Yes & Genesis together with Brittany Spears, Madonna, Kate Perry, or Justin Beaver.

    I think that was more offensive than the OP!
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    You're right, Rush does have diversity!

    They've made some of my favorite albums of all time (Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures) along with some of the WORST (Signals, Counterparts).

    And even some of the albums of theirs that I love have a track or two I really cannot listen to (Power Windows, Presto). Hell, I LOVE the first half of 2112, HATE the second half!

    But no one can deny that even on their worst tracks, those guys give it their all and are all extremely talented musicians. As for Lee's voice, it's mellowed out nicely and when he does those harmonies on the recordings they come off well. But those early albums are pretty screechy. Then again, his voice is part of what made them so damn unique.
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    I can see calling Rush sterile, their music aims more for the brain than the gut. And that's not a slight, I'm a Rush fan. Every musician should see them live at least once, each of the members is truly a master of their instrument. Neil Peart is jaw-droppingly good.
  7. Awesome! :smug:

    OP: Is there a troll emoticon? :bag:
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    Just checking in, still not giving a rat's ass either way. Hate Rush? Love Rush? Affects my life in 0 ways.

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    Make sure to check in next page Jimmym! :D
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    Thanks T!
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    Indeed. :eyebrow:
  12. States suggesting that a style of music lacks emotion is crazy - suggests that a style of music lacks emotion.

    Thanks for the laugh :D.
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    If the music were emotionless, one should expect the fans to be a bit more like JimmyM on the matter of Rush bashing... and this pointless thread would have drifted into eternal slumber a few posts in.


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    Do you feel better now?
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    I never made fun of you. I simply moved you to my "Ignore" list.

    Problem solved. The irritant has been successfully neutralized... :p

  16. I don't think you ever were.

    Some of us still remember the little nugget of joy that was nutso42.......

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    I can understand the usual 'check out the early stuff' comments that permeate these Rush threads, but I think Caravan and Headlong Flight from the upcoming record should be enough to help someone 'get it'. Geddy is in top form: accept no substitute
  18. I heard headlong flight today on the local rock station website. They had a link to the official YouTube video. I was really digging it!!!
  19. If you don't "get it" by listening to it, the you don't get it, or just don't like it. There are websites and facebook pages devoted to people who hate Rush, Justin Bieber, and tons of other bands. If everyone liked the same stuff there would be 3 bands in the world.

    What's the point of all this? If I posted about every band I didn't like, I'd never leave my computer.
  20. You dont like Les Claypool either & yet you play the bass??? My god boy!!! maybe you should turn your bass in for a kazoo :scowl: