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Stingray 5 Club!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by armybass, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Tom F

    Tom F Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2003
    Union County, NJ
    Beautiful bass! The switch (on a 2000 Stingray, which is one of my favorite periods) - is parallel when its toward the bridge, single coil when set to the middle, and series when set toward the end of the neck. I had an '04 that I ran in single-coil mode 100% of the time while I had the bass - one of my favorite sounds ever.
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  2. dave64o

    dave64o Talkbass Top 10 all time lowest talent/gear ratio! Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2000
    Southern NJ

    ... and the pickguard, too! ;)
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  3. I can't believe your Classic 5 is still hasnt been picked up by anybody! If I was in the US, it would be gone, gone, gone! Anywho - how did you find it compared to your Stingray5?
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  4. Tom F

    Tom F Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2003
    Union County, NJ
    thanks! I’m not opposed to figuring out international, if that makes a difference. Lots to trade interest, so it’s possible something will come to fruition soon.

    the Classic is a great bass, period. Nice feeling neck, and the 2 band EQ is one my favorite sounds. The neck on the 88 is a little more to my liking - a little thinner front to back. And the default sound on the 88 is a little warmer, where the Classic is a bit brighter naturally. In reality, they are close enough to each other to offer the Classic up. Nothing against that bass, it just hasn’t lived here as long, and I’m completely taken with the low serial number on the 88. Hard to go wrong either way, and I like the classic enough that I’ve been pretty picky with trades.
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  5. Time for me to finally join this club. Does someone give out numbers?

    I've always liked the sound of StingRays (Tony Levin is one of my bass heroes), but when I tried them out in the past they were always heavier than I was comfortable with. I also have an irrational dislike of expensive guitars with bolt-on necks. I know, it doesn't really matter, but somehow a set-neck or neck-through design seems more elegant to me, more deserving of a high price. That's just me.

    The other day I learned for the first time that EBMM had actually made neck-through StingRays beginning in 2015. A few minutes later I realized that they had already been discontinued, which was kind of disappointing. Just for the heck of it, I did a search on Guitar Center's web site and found that only one store within 200 miles of me actually had a neck-through StingRay in stock, and that store was only about 30 miles away. Better still, the one they had was exactly what I wanted: a five-string dual-humbucker model in sunburst, brand new.

    I mentioned this to my wife, expecting her to reply that I had too many basses already and it was too expensive. But to my surprise, she said we should go check it out and if I really liked it I could get it. So after an early dinner last night, we drove out there. The neck-through 'Ray was hanging up near the ceiling, safely out of reach of children. I got it down, finding its weight to be reasonable, and plugged it into a MarkBass combo amp. Wow. Great sounds, comfortable neck, beautiful finish and fretwork... just an amazing bass all around. So it came home with us and I spent most of the rest of the evening playing it.

    According to EBMM's online serial number database, this bass was made in July 2019, which I guess makes it one of the last neck-through StingRays if they've truly been discontinued. It weighs 9 lbs 10 oz, slightly more than my Ric 4003 but less than my '81 Ibanez Musician 924.

    I've replaced the strap hooks with Schaller strap locks, and that's probably the only mod I will ever make to this bass.

    Here is my new neck-through StingRay 5 HH in my back yard today:

    Neck-through StingRay 5.jpg

    And here's a shot of the back, showing the neck-through construction:

    Back of neck-through StingRay 5.jpg
  6. I took my new StingRay 5 to band rehearsal tonight. In our rehearsal space, I play through a Tech21 VT Bass into a Fender Rumble 500. With just minor tweaks to the StingRay's preamp (bass down a little, mids up a bit, treble down halfway or so), I got the most amazing, perfect bass tone -- full, deep, but focused, and easy to hear clearly. The entire band loved it. I don't think they'll want me to play any of my other basses anymore! The danger now is that I might want a four-string Ray... and a fretless... and maybe one of the short-scale ones...
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  7. LowRick


    Mar 24, 2019
    Those could be considered "nice dangers". i've been eyeing 4-strings as well lately.
    If you can lay it in there with a handsome bass with an awesome tone and the band loves it too... thats awesome.
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  8. I think I traded you that Trans green Sterling for a black/rosewood mid 80s SR4 if I recall correctly. I don't miss the Sterling, but I should never have let the Stingray go. That was a great one.
  9. Alan Ace Cooper

    Alan Ace Cooper Supporting Member

    Jan 6, 2004
    Northern Virginia, USA - 13 mi
    Endorsing artist: Devon Basses, DR Strings, EMG pickups, Bag End Cabs
    NAMM basses. Not as cool as last year, but still cool :)

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  10. dave64o

    dave64o Talkbass Top 10 all time lowest talent/gear ratio! Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2000
    Southern NJ

    LOVE that 5 string!
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  11. Giffro


    Apr 29, 2017
    South Australia
    Time to bump us back to page 1.
    My white SR5 had a change of strings...also white. DR Neon Whites. Sound good so far..bit like Lo Riders maybe a tad less output..gotta test them further this next month..will advise. I usually use the Ernie Ball Slinky Cobalt Roundwounds (2736) 5 string set which I like and have been happy with. I'm not a fan of flats as I'm a pick player and like the bite.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2020
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  12. dave64o

    dave64o Talkbass Top 10 all time lowest talent/gear ratio! Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2000
    Southern NJ
    Those strings look great on that bass!

    And, if they sound a lot like Lo Riders, they'll probably sound great, too. My Stingray is currently wearing a set of Chromes that are well broken in and sound fantastic on it so I'm hesitant to change them back to Lo Riders again. But nickel Lo Riders are still my favorite strings, especially on my Stingray.
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  13. Giffro


    Apr 29, 2017
    South Australia
    I had a couple sets on hand to choose from dave loll
    Bass String Sets Various.JPG
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  14. A week ago I declared to myself that my fretless G&L was my #1 bass (we know where this is going right? :D) Then last weekend I brought my SR5 to a get together. My BIL and I were constantly noting how good it sounded. Punchy and clean and smooth, and that wonderful low end (amp: Genzler Magellan 350, Schroeder Mini 12+L, bass on pickup selector 4). Even my husband told me I should play the SR5 more!
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2020 at 3:44 PM
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  15. moley6knipe


    Dec 18, 2018
    ^ This. “Play the SR5 more”. Simple really. I got mine off the wall a few nights ok and I dug the right thumb in. Glorious.
  16. dave64o

    dave64o Talkbass Top 10 all time lowest talent/gear ratio! Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2000
    Southern NJ
    Your husband is a wise man!

    Off topic but .... I use my Mesa D800+ or G-K MB800 for gigs, but I also have a Genzler Magellan 350. That's a really nice little amp!
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2020 at 9:47 PM
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  17. Yes to both! :D And I'd love a D-800+!
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  18. dave64o

    dave64o Talkbass Top 10 all time lowest talent/gear ratio! Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2000
    Southern NJ
    I guess I should also congratulate you on your wisdom playing a Stingray! :D

    I have a G&L as well, an L-2500, and love it even more since I finally started playing it out. But, as much as I love it, it still my #2. No bass I’ve owned has been able to knock my Stingray out of the #1 position in my small collection.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2020 at 6:12 AM
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  19. Can't say I always have wisdom :woot: but thanks! Buying my SR5 was absolutely one of my best gear purchases ever!

    Hearing that tone that makes me love bass so much, yep, it's still the best!
  20. 68Goldfish

    68Goldfish Supporting Member

    Nov 4, 2006
    Port Orchard WA
    I bet you guys have never seen a 1/4 scale 32838AE1-011E-4740-AAE7-4A23F9B9E211.jpeg SR5...
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